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  1. This is the Polar Lights snap kit. Very nice for a snapper. I foiled the glass & all other chrome was a molitow pen.
  2. Started about 8 years ago and put away. Now it’s another quarantine build. Box stock
  3. TarheelRick, Yes it is a slick and it is 1/8 scale. Thanks for all of the nice comments everyone!
  4. I’m calling it done. This thing kicked my butt. I replaced the seat post so it would be at a more natural level. Also replaced the cables with proper colored wire and at a more scale thickness. I chose the seat stripe without filling in the pleats. Looks kool.
  5. Maybe a local body shop? I am repainting mine because I found a color that I prefer. I'll be using a automotive detail gun on mine.
  6. That's great Bill! Unfortunately the shipments are on backorder still. I've put it away and will resume once I get some parts.
  7. Not sure if this belongs here but its a restored 1/24 Tamiya lotus on a restored Cox magnesium chassis. Fun project.
  8. Some progress. I have all the parts to make a rolling chassis. Front & rear suspension installed. I have to walnut blast the 4 rims and polish them. Then I can install them. The next set of parts are on back order due to printing of the instructions I was told.
  9. Making some progress. Engine is mounted , starting on the chassis. Lots of metal & screws! It needs coaxing here and there. I found a few holes that were plugged up with paint. Nothing too bad. Next up is the suspension. I still have to bead blast the rims and polish them.
  10. Can you provide a link to the source for your display cases? Kool build by the way!
  11. Yes Bill, It is 2 years. Skip, Yes I see the yellow colored decals. Thanks.
  12. You have me beat on the photos! LOL I have seen yellow ones as you say. But I have pics of silver also. These were already on the parts from the factory. I masked them & repainted the parts. I'm sure there are going to be many discrepancies with this kit. I'll address what I can and see I guess. It's been a fun build so far. The next step is finishing the frame and stripping the 4 rims and polishing them. That should be fun.
  13. I believe they were a silver color and yellow with age. I have pics of them being silver then some pics where they have a yellow tint to the silver.
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