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  1. The topside of the chassis to the bottom of the interior tub, firewall, thinning of the hood to sit flush with the front fenders.
  2. Yes, only what was in the box
  3. Another rainy day build. I love that they are reissuing these. But they do not go together easy. Lots of cutting & grinding to get it to sit right. Built box stock.
  4. This kit really tested my patience. It’s a flash bomb but it turns out nice once you get past that. I painted it with krylon flake and then fogged some edges with purple. Then it was coated with Boyd’s dusty rose and then cleared. Still needs a coat of future. The tank was stripped & airbrushed with molitow. I wanted total 60’s so I did the seat with Kens funny fur. It’s really big once built but it’s pretty kool to se these kits again
  5. I think that I fixed it. I can see the video. I even signed out and I can see it. Hope it works
  6. These kits are so much fun! I mounted this on a $3 picture frame from hobby lobby. Added flickering lights to the lantern & moved it to the crate. Added some kinda lightning effects hidden behind the box. Got a greeting card sound generator from eBay and this is what you get!! Plus painting & weathering of
  7. I sprayed a fog of purple around the edges. Then gave the whole thing a couple coats of testers boyds dusty rose. Then cleared it. Looks just like it came out of the 60’s!!
  8. Got a coat of Krylon Fushia Flake on it. It’s going to take a few coats of clear to level the flake.
  9. Here is where I’m at after hours of fitting, sanding, filing, a coat of primer. Loads of flash and misfit parts. But we will get through it. I’m just glad they are reissuing these old kits.
  10. Hit a milestone! It’s on 4 wheels. By far the hardest part was masking and painting the 4 hub caps. The wheels were airbrushed with molitow chrome. I’ll never do that again! I hope it’s all worth it , changing the body color. Next up will be the firewall and on to the interior. I have resin seats that will be covered in red glove leather. Also I’m lighting up the gages in the dash.
  11. I think that I used model master panther pink.
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