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  1. I built this in 1997. It won the NNL East Special class that year. Lots of scratch building here.
  2. I'd buy a printed nose for a 1/8 scale 77-78 trans am.
  3. Pete, He was away for 5 days and has a helper packing and shipping. Not sure why he did not email anyone that was waiting.
  4. I built this last night with my 3 year old granddaughter. Same issue with the motor not having enough power to complete the motion cycle. Easy fix was dip a finger in vegetable oil, a drop of oil on all shafts at the rotating points and like magic it works perfectly!!!! Try it. Make sure to do the starting shaft where it goes through the frame also.
  5. Let me know if the discount goes away. He's my son-in-law, I'll have him give it to ya! Lol. But seriously, this stuff is really amazing and safe.
  6. Yes it's the same product. He found that having a separate bottle and web page dedicated to modelers worked out better.
  7. Yes it works great! But try to change minds of people that have been using oven cleaner and purple cleaner is difficult. This stuff will not melt plastic and is totally safe. Works like magic as you saw!
  8. http://www.stripwell.com/qcs-model-safe.html#/ If you go here to the website you can see a few other videos that guys have made. It really works well and is not expensive. You can filter it out and keep using it.
  9. These were restored last year. They run pretty good.
  10. Yes, Chassis to interior fit had to be ground in areas, hood fit, other minor fit issues.
  11. They are pad printed from the factory.
  12. I hope this is the right forum for this guy. Love building these old Tom Daniel kits! Box stock
  13. Contact them directly, I just made this video two days ago on a body that was painted 2 months ago. This stuff was developed to strip lacquer and to be used on aircraft. It worked and I’ll be purchasing it. This was a sample given to me in order to test it. It works
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