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  1. Tom, I had the same issue at a contest. I won NNL a few weeks before this certain contest and took the model to a large MA contest. It got honorable mention. When they gave me the ribbon the judge says that the model would have won but there was no tread on my rear tires. (street rod class) I proceeded to tell him that the owner was doing burnouts in the lot before he came in and entered the contest! He had nothing to say! No more contests.
  2. Wow! I'm sure that I can figure something out with all of the suggestions. If I need to cut and alclad then so be it. Not an issue. I'm just trying to see if there are any plug & play wheels out there that have a deeper rear.
  3. Thanks Casey, They won't work. I need deep dish for the rears. I think the resin ones on evilbay will do it.
  4. O=man, Pretty close! I might get a set. Joseph, Yes that was what I'm thinking to do with the Pegasus wheels. Thanks guys!
  5. Anyone know where to get 17" big-n-little torque thrust II's? I can find a close set from Pegasus but no deep dish on the rears. Is there a kit out there that has them in it? Thanks
  6. I would not use the one with the heater hoses for spark plug wires.
  7. Are those tow ropes coming out of the grill?
  8. Ted, Exactamundo! As Fonzie would say! Save the doors & trunk from one and the body from the other. Then file & sand to fit. I get them so close that I need to clearance them for paint & primer. But the extra time is well worth it.
  9. Ted, Yes I too have restored some cars. A couple of tips that I have learned over time are; Use a micrometer or calipers to measure your scale wiring & hoses. Nothing looks more out of place than heater hose sized spark plug wires! Also I used 2 kits for the body. One was used to cut the body away from the doors & trunk. The second was used to cut the doors & trunk out of the body. I hope you get the idea. You want perfect doors & trunk from one body and a perfect body from the other. That method results in very tight seams when closed. Scribing with a blade takes away too much material and you get gaps. The brass hidden hinges took hours to perfect and hide. No easy solution there. I did not take pics during the build. The base coat was yellow under the boyds yellow. Bill, I have not gone all out on a kit since then. I'm thinking of doing the 1/8 32 highboy next with a flathead. I always wanted to detail one of those. Imagine this, scale gaskets! My wife thinks i'm nuts!
  10. Mike, The engine & mufflers came from the monogram late model mustang convertable. I forgot what year it is. I used the basic block with trans . Intake was scratch built but patterned after the grand sport intake.
  11. Thanks for the kind words everyone!
  12. This was built on a dare from a dear friend of mine who passed away a few years ago. His name was Scott Davidson who owned a hobby shop here called Fine Scale Hobbies. He dared me to build a model & enter it in the 1997 NNL East Special Theme Class. I built it, it won it. Very proud of that. I opened the doors & trunk. Scratch built & kit bashed a lot of the suspension. There is "Glass" rolled down in the doors. The engine is a ford from a late model mustang kit. I wanted an all ford hot rod. Notice the ford part numbers on the mufflers. I scratch built the intake & used carbs from a corvette grand sport kit. A lot of small scratch built parts on the engine. It has removable dipstick, turned aluminum stacks, fuel pressure gauge, wired & plumbed. The grill is PE with a wired cooling fan behind it. Steering column is turned aluminum. Real wood steering wheel with PE spokes. Flocked interior. Paint is boyds aluma coupe yellow over yellow primer. It was built in 1996 & still looks good. I'm sure that I forgot something but here are some pics.
  13. This is a revell 32 ford that I built in 1996. It won the NNL East in the special themed class in 1997. Very proud of that. I then took it to a big show in Mass. Sounds like nascar. There it got honorable mention. After the judge gave me my ribbon, he told me that my car really won but was disqualified because there was no tread on the back tires. I told him that the owner was doing burnouts that morning & wore the treads down. He had the best look on his face! Never went to another model contest.
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