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  1. Yes, that is how the car remains today. A good friend owns it....along with a few others.
  2. Nice build JIm! So,with the drag version you'll get the 289(B/FX) and the SOHC(A/FX) motors to choose from? Regard's,Myron
  3. Best pic I could get for you. If anyone needs some detail clarified, I'll see what I can do getting some close up pics of something Cyclone related. Myron_
  4. Steve,That is looking real nice and more accurate IMO. I picked this kit up today LHS finally. Looking forward to seeing your build. Myron_
  5. Still aren't any in the Metro Detroit area to be had.
  6. Alan,Yes those are steel wheel lookalike hubcaps. Used on '64,'65,'66,'67 Cyclones. I've also seen them appear on '66 Australian Falcons as well. '64 GTO's had a similar wheel cover that looked better IMO. Myron_
  7. Roof & B Pillar reference for anyone interested in revisiting this area. Along with the pic Steve posted,I've added a pic of my roof along with an altered wheel base resin and the AMT '64 Comet. '64 & '65 Comet Greenhouse are the same.
  8. Steve, That could be entirely true. All I know is my car had it's T-10 up until I installed a T5 in it. Also, a friend who ordered his Cyclone new in'65, had a T-10 and a 289 Hi-Po. Some people will say you could not get a real Hi-Po in a Comet. That is definitely NOT TRUE!
  9. Correct Mike. Ford=Wimbledon White , Mercury=Polar White. (Same Color), etc.
  10. Here are paint codes for anyone interested in replicating their Cyclone to color spec. Sorry for the bad pic. I'll have to redo this outside the first chance I have.Natural light will make some of these colors really pop......Black is not listed here.But was definitely available as a choice. Myron_
  11. Thank you Steve for the quick dash to your hobby shop and pics posted. I'm envious you can ride your bike in late Dec. Too cold in Detroit to do that! I'm hoping I'll get a couple here by the end of the week or next week. Owning and working on a '65 Comet, I have shared your feelings for quite a long time in finally seeing this product come to market. Myron_
  12. For anyone interested, I've stored some pics of my '65 Cyclone for reference. Will be adding engine compartment pics soon. Myron_ http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/117581-1965-mercury-comet-cyclone/
  13. Craig, Yeah Michigan stores aren't getting them yet. I was told by a few shop owners possibly the end of this week if shipments come.
  14. Steve, absolutely correct. The early valve covers had no logo. The pic here with plug wires on the bottom was a very early version of the motor when the plan was to use it in nascar. ( which never happened).
  15. Thanks Luc. Nice clean build by him. We can possibly assume this might be a (one of more to come) AFX drag variations?
  16. Some pics from NNL Detroit today. Box Art.The same Green Comet was on the Mobius display table. I'm not sure of the story of this Red AFX Comet with Cammer motor. It was not resin. Mobius rep said Kit should be here by Christmas-ish.
  17. Thank you for all the good words. I've added more pics of the 1:1 car and model for those who asked. Myron_
  18. Very nice Monte build! Love that Color! Really pop's in the sun!
  19. Very nice model! Color is perfect! Nice job.
  20. Thank's to everyone for the kind words. It was his kit, but I still had a blast building it for him! Thx again,Myron_
  21. Showing a Johan kit I put together for a good friend of his real deal '63 Max Wedge Super Stock Polara.
  22. '70 Grande, Would be glad to as soon as I get the time. Maybe by the week end.
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