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  1. We had six arrive the Friday before Christmas, and as of yesterday when I went off the floor, we only had one left. I had to stop in for a few minutes today, but I didn't notice if we had any left. 

    It's been a very good seller, we'll probably try to keep two on the shelf for the next couple of months to meet demand.

    Charlie Larkin

    Still aren't any in the Metro Detroit area to be had.

  2. Thank's for the photo's Erik. They help.

    Others may know more, but I believe that the 'steel wheels' are in fact a hubcap that Mercury used on the Comet. They mimicked the look of a steel wheel but were not. Ask the experts though, as I may be incorrect.

    BTW the Mags do look great.


    Alan,Yes those are steel wheel lookalike hubcaps. Used on '64,'65,'66,'67 Cyclones. I've also seen them appear on '66 Australian Falcons as well.

    '64 GTO's had a similar wheel cover that looked better IMO.



    Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 3.48.23 PM.png

  3. I don't know if it is a urban legend or not, but I have heard that not enough smallblock top loaders could be produced to meet demand after the Mustang was introduced,  so Ford started buying T-10s again. 

    Steve, That could be entirely true. All I know is my car had it's T-10 up until  I installed a T5 in it. Also, a friend who ordered his Cyclone new in'65, had a T-10 and a 289 Hi-Po. Some people will say you could not get a real Hi-Po in a Comet. That is definitely NOT TRUE!

  4. Ugh. That engine is kind of toy like, and the exhaust manifolds are a joke. Also, it looks like they tooled the radiator to match the later model water pump borrowed from the F100. Weren't both hoses on the passenger side until 1969? Looks like the Cyclone has the lower hose on the driver's side. Oh, and wouldn't they have used a top loader transmission in 1965 instead of a T-10 Warner?

    T-10 is correct for '65 Cyclone.

  5. Here are paint codes for anyone interested in replicating their Cyclone to color spec. Sorry for the bad pic. I'll have to redo this outside the first chance I have.Natural light will make some of these colors really pop......Black is not listed here.But was definitely available as a choice.






  6. Pedaled over to my LHS and picked up my Comet today.

    kit on rack 2

    And as promised, I took a bunch of photos (too many to put in this post, so here's the link to the Fotki album):


    So I'm just throwing a few in here:

    body 1

    engine tree

    I'll start by saying that this is a highly anticipated kit for me and admittedly my expectations are high. Having owned and wrenched on a '65 Comet Caliente with a Super Cyclone engine for several years, it's a car that I have I feel I have a fairly intimate knowledge of. I'm glad to have it and I commend Moebius for their choice of subject.

    This is the first Moebius kit I've purchased, so I don't know what's standard design and engineering procedure for them and where this kit might follow or deviate from that. I haven't test fit anything yet - my first impressions are just based on looking at the parts and instructions. There are some aspects of the kit I really like, some things I might have chosen to engineer differently, some things that disappoint me, and a few inaccuracies that I anticipate wanting to correct when I build this model.

    Time is short so I'm not going to do a full review here - plus I don't want to muddy the waters by going into great detail about my likes and dislikes with the kit right just yet, but I suspect there will be several aspects of this kit that will provide fodder for discussion.

    If you have questions or comments about the photos, fire away. Otherwise, let the games begin!


    Thank you Steve for the quick dash to your hobby shop and pics posted. I'm envious you can ride your bike in late Dec. Too cold in Detroit to do that! I'm hoping I'll get a couple here by the end of the week or next week. Owning and working on a '65 Comet, I have shared your feelings for quite a long time in finally seeing this product come to market.


  7. Maybe jumping the gun a little here, but since we've already started talking about the A/FX version - yes, there were different valve covers over the years, some plain, other had the 427 "Bird" logo. Like it's been said, looks like the blue oval logo came a little later.

    Keep in mind also that during this period, the A/FX and match race cars were in constant evolution - different suspension set-ups (a-arm, straight axle), wheelbases, and engine set-backs.

    Steve, absolutely correct. The early valve covers had no logo. The pic here with plug wires on the bottom was a very early version of the motor when the plan was to use it in nascar. ( which never happened).




  8. The red one is built by Steve Goldman, he's been building pre-production models for box-art and trade shows for ages...

    I met him the first time in 2003 at the Hobby Heaven party at Dean Milano's model kit museum, where he showed 2 build pre-production samples of the then new amt American Graffiti '55? T-Birds, saw him again last year at Toledo, but didn't recognize him.

    Thanks Luc. Nice clean build by him. We can possibly assume this might be a (one of more to come) AFX drag variations?


  9. Very very nice indeed! I wish I could find one of these. Until I do, I'll enjoy yours as a "That's how you do it" build.

    Thank's to everyone for the kind words. It was his kit, but I still had a blast building it for him!

    Thx again,Myron_

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