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  1. Had something similar happen to me. First said he had tested positive for covid-19 and couldn't send it for a week. Then nothing. Had to make a claim, wait 3 days to get my money back. I hope this isn't the case.
  2. Long time builder. Took some time off, work, kids, life, trying to get set back up and building again. Don't even want to say how many kits I have but I have about 6 completed and as many projects started.
  3. Welcome Rodger. I'm from Sullivan originally. Been in Texas for a long time
  4. Thanks Fat Brain. It's the rear tire. A little different than what I've seen. Bought a box, back when I was a teen, full of tires, wheels, engines, ect. Just need to get it down and look thru it. Planning on building it from the box but adding a little detail. Not sure the decals are any good but will see.
  5. Long time member first time poster. Found this the other day at a Lionheart hobby in Kyle tx. Small place but great folks. Couldn't find much on it online and just curious. Only missing one tire, which I think I have (gotta look thru the pile lol). Thanks
  6. Long time watcher, first time poster. Found this the other day and couldn't find much info on it. Anyone know anything about it? Unbuilt and almost complete. Missing one tire.
  7. I use embossing powder it comes in many colors but i get the white and paint it whatever color i need. It gives it a great look
  8. Wow.... Only thing that comes to mind is were not worthy, were not worthy...... Ok I don't feel worthy....lol awesome build
  9. I live outside Austin, in Kyle
  10. Any chance u could post some under hood pics trying to figure out where the heater hoses go. Thanks Jason
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