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  1. Thanks Lee... not sure they'll do such a small order (no pun intended), or what it might cost, but I'll reach out to them and see.
  2. Here's a request you don't see every day. I'm looking for 4 light colored chevy bowtie decals small enough to fit on a hub cap, ideally about 2mm and white. I've gone through all my chevy kit decal sheets and through my left over decals but no luck. I'm not expecting any replies 😉 Thanks!
  3. All Riv's are beauties but my fave has always been the '66. Great build!
  4. Made progress on my '67 Impala 4dr rear-to-front seat conversion. I used my styrene slurry to fill the rear seat speaker and then finished the seat back. I'm not going to bother modifying the lower seat cushion to a front seat look, as I'm happy to just have the correct pleating instead of the tuck/roll the Supernatural came with.
  5. So, I found some really small decals that will work. While they're obviously not correct they at least represent something similar. They're #13 from the Lindberg '61 Impala sheet. I'll ask in the Wanted section to see if someone might have two extra they could let go. I partially drilled out the centers of the covers to roughly .130 and punched out four same sized discs from .015 sheet. The annual covers had a kind of dome shape rather than being a bit recessed. I often ask myself why I do stuff like this 😉 Thanks
  6. Great build Mark! Love the color choice and the stock touches. Like you, I'm mid way through a Supernatural build to represent our family car. I have the Model Car Garage PE set and was able to pick up non-SS wheel covers from the annual kit. I had the resins but they scaled out to 16.5" and just looked too big. The kit covers scale out to 15.5". Also like you, I'm going to deal with the front ride height by relocating the spindles. Again, nice build Mark. Good to see these stock conversions.
  7. Looks close for sure. I'm not concerned about the Chevrolet writing, but the flags would be nice. Thanks Casey
  8. It's a long shot, but has anyone seen any decals that might work in replicating the centers to these '61 Impala covers? Thanks
  9. My retirement cave. Love the comment about drowning out the negative news..... I have all I need at arms length. I'd say that lighting is probably my most important concern. I spend alot of time here so lighting makes a big difference on my 68 year old eyes. My computer is the second most important tool... love looking up reference stuff for my builds and listening to music 😉 I have three Ikea rolling drawers that I love and have full of my tools, plastic stock, etc. Matter of fact, the tables are Ikea as well. I built the wooden shelving that I have my paints on. I use plastic shoebox sized containers from Target to hold my projects. Cheap and work great. This cave didn't happen overnight, but it's been worth it
  10. Great! Thanks Les.
  11. Great build Dan! You've given me inspiration to do the same. Love the Starliner's look!
  12. Currently looking for any of these. I have things available for trade if needed, hopefully something you'd need. 58 Revell Impala body 60 SMP Impala steering wheel 60 Imperial chrome taillight bezels 60 Sunliner boot 60 Sunliner body (with scripting intact) 61 Bonneville uptop 61 SMP/AMT chassis and firewall 61 Invicta taillight, center hood trim, firewall 62 Galaxie tri power air cleaner 62 Bonneville stock steering wheel 62 AMT Impala HT annual body (with scripting intact) 63 Johan Starfire stock steering wheel, air cleaner 65 AMT Impala red taillight (one side) 66 AMT Impala glass but really only need the rear glass so the front could be missing, etc 66 442 Windshield 74 or 75 MPC Pinto one front spindle
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