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  1. Would anyone be able to help me out with finding the seat assemblies for the '60 Trumpeter Bonneville HT? I really just need the rear assembly unless the pleat pattern is noticeably different from the AMT '60 Bonneville. In that case I'd probably need to use the front seat as well. Thanks!
  2. That speaker would be a problem. I'd thought about the Trumpeter Bonneville but didn't know if it was a tub also. I see online (the Fotki instruction site) that the rear seat is indeed separate. Definitely be the easiest route if I could find one. I'll try and if not maybe I'd settle for just removing the sides and leaving the resulting gap as you did on the Fury. Would definitely look better than not. You're right about this kind of stuff being fun though. I've found that as I age my skill set building models has changed from being able to really detail engines and suspensions to one where I enjoy restoring early pre-built curbsides where you can sometimes get away with being ham-handed It's all about not losing the enjoyment and self satisfaction.
  3. Steve, I actually just finished going through your entire Fury thread, especially the rear seat mods, when I now see your reply to my post. I can now see the issues a bit more clearly how I'd need to approach the rear seat of the Bonnie compared to how you did the Fury. The gaps you had on the sides of the Fury backrests didn't look too bad at all when you look at the shape of the seats themselves. I'm not sure the Bonneville's would look as good if I just filled in the resulting gap. I'm going to mull over a few ideas on how to solve this problem and include them in a new post in On The Workbench. Thanks guys
  4. So, to make a HT rear out of the convertible would involve somehow widening the seat itself by making the center armrest space wider and the armrests narrower. Because the backrests seem about the same width on both. Here's a pic of a HT rear seat. My creative wheels are turning....
  5. After spending quite some time trying to return an abused interior tub to a respectable state I noticed that the tub appears to be for a convertible, when it came installed in the pre-built AMT hardtop I'd bought. I know there was an SMP '60 Bonneville as well as the AMT hardtop. Were there two tubs or just one?
  6. Old but new

    Welcome Pat!
  7. Summer or fall shows in WI, IL, MN?

    I'm generally on the lookout for annual and/or promo restoration candidates. I like finding bargains and then spending the time and effort to restore. The only way my budget will support some of the long out of production kits.
  8. Summer or fall shows in WI, IL, MN?

    Sounds good. Have you been to it before? Decent vendor attendance? Thanks Nick
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows of any swap meets/shows in the last half of this year in WI, northern IL, eastern MN, or the UP? Rich
  10. 1960 AMT/Trumpeter Bonneville taillights needed

    Thanks Bill!
  11. That'd be great. I'll need to keep an eye out.
  12. Edited my post (even though the Bonny is long it's probably not sixty feet) Thanks for posting the ebay pic. I see now that AMT just used the red lens without any chrome. Not terribly accurate, but not a biggie. I guess I'll either attempt my own (with more of a bullet type red lens) or see about the possibility of adapting the Trumpeter taillights (IF I could find them) Thanks
  13. In the wanted category I'm asking if anyone would have "spare" taillights for my rescued AMT '60 Bonny. I now have more general questions about the taillights and figured it'd be best to ask them here instead. What I'd like to know is what exactly was used by AMT for the taillights. I've attached a pic (not too clear though) of the real taillights as well as the taillights from the '60 Trumpeter kit instructions, and a grainy pic of the rear of my Bonny. The engraving for the wider molded bands around the taillights is decent and I can sharpen them a bit more as I continue with my pre-BMF trim prep. It might not be easy making the thinner chrome trim ring that surrounds the red lens though. I can probably find something to use for the red bullet lenses in my spares. Anyone help? Rich