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  1. I guess I need the six spokes then. I clipped the instruction sheet from the 65. Thanks Snake
  2. Looking to see if anyone might have a set of the stock wheel covers from AMT's 65 or 66 Corvette. I believe the two years are the same? Thanks!
  3. Clean build. Good job John!
  4. I’ve had no issues with Duplicolor clear over Tamiya acrylics. Obviously Tamiya’s clear works well too and I’ve just bought a can of the Rustoleum clear but just haven’t had a chance to test it. Sounds like it works good and you can’t beat the price.
  5. As a rule I’m not a fan of big hoops but these look great on the Imp. Great build!
  6. Will follow closely. These are the kind of projects I love watching and doing!
  7. I may have misunderstood which isn't surprising 😉
  8. Unfortunately Paypal charges you 2.9% + .30 each time you use it instead of your credit card. My understanding anyway.
  9. Good for you not getting outbid. I've found the past couple of months prices on the bay have gone kinda nuts. Not just asking prices but sold prices.
  10. Have to admit I'm a stock wheel cover guy, but I'd have to agree with the wide whites and either wires or chrome reverse. Not sure which direction you're headed, but the big boat Buick looks killer when lowered with wide whites and custom wheels.
  11. Looks good to my eye! Sometimes we're our worst critic
  12. Great clean build Dave! Love the shade of yellow also.
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