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  1. Great instructions site. I usually just use the Fotki site and then Scalemates but nice to have another. Thanks Casey, I'll bookmark this one.
  2. Not finding the instructions online I was wondering if anyone knows if the AMT 72 Pinto kit offered bumper guards. I have the 71 AMT Pinto kit and it doesn't have them, so I'm guessing the 72 wouldn't either. Thanks
  3. I'm partial to '57 Chevs but love all bowties. Love the colors of the '59's and will be watching!
  4. Congrats on the feature in MCM Terry! Sorry for my folded copy 😏
  5. Not sure if it's been brought up in another thread (least I couldn't find it) but congratulations on your being featured in MCM this issue for the '49 Merc Roger! Well deserved!
  6. Nice build of a cool car Lee. What's the color?
  7. Thanks for the comments guys! Makes the build frustrations worth it 🙂 PS.. yes I saved the custom parts. Anyone need? Yours for the asking just shoot me a PM.
  8. It was always important to have a sharp blade with BMF, but now even more. Plus I found i need a fair amount more pressure on the cut and need to be sure the surface is squeaky clean so what adhesive is on the piece of BMF sticks.
  9. I generally just put a decent bead of tube glue on the full perimeter of one of the two engine halves. As it begins to set I give it pressure and try and move it back a forth a bit (I cut off the locating pins, if any) to try and "squish" the melting plastic together. After dry I just sand well. Works for me and I also use it on other two piece joins.
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