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  1. hedotwo added a post in a topic AMT 62 Buick Electra 225   

    I've used various chrome markers over the years and found that while they are a time saver and look very acceptable, they all had issues with "unexpected flow" .... always at the wrong time.  Seems the tips would occasionally deposit more chrome than I was counting on.  That said, I haven't tried this brand and I see they have very small tips available.  I'm going to give them a try.  I'm ok with foiling for the most part, but there are definitely times when a marker would be the ticket.
  2. hedotwo added a post in a topic AMT 62 Buick Electra 225   

    I could swear I see foil around the windshield, but believe you when you say you didn't use it.  I've foiled this one and agree it can be a pain.  Did you use Alclad or a chrome marker?  Looks great whatever you used!
  3. hedotwo added a post in a topic 66 Impala   

    Nice variation on a 66'!
  4. hedotwo added a post in a topic 1965 Comet 202 Sedan hobby bracket racer   

    Following along on this!   Should be a good one!
  5. hedotwo added a post in a topic '58 Impala   

    Great job!
  6. hedotwo added a post in a topic 49' Merc   

    No polish on the grille.  The only chrome parts I stripped were the lake pipes, valve covers, and air cleaners.  The remaining chrome pieces are courtesy of Revell.  I used Spaz Stix to rechrome the stripped parts.
  7. hedotwo added a post in a topic 49' Merc   

    Thanks for your approvals (especially Harry's thumbs up... he's never afraid to point out stuff that was missed)!  There are a number of "warts" on this build but overall I felt I did a good job also.  During this build I did alot of Google Image research on custom mercs and decided to get the Carson-top resin merc from Jimmy Flintstone and give it a shot.  I love the coving and roof on it....
  8. hedotwo added a topic in Under Glass   

    49' Merc
    I'll begin by saying this was the first Revell 49' Merc I've built and I was extremely happy with the build of the kit.  Everything fit great and the kit almost just fell together on its' own.  The paint began with Tamiya gray primer followed by Createx Pearl Magenta, finished with a few coats of Krylon Crystal Clear.  The Createx paints shoot beautifully with my Paasche VL at 40psi thinned a bit on the heavy side with their own reducer.  I experimented with spoons with Tamiya primers, both gray and white, and also a spoon with Rustoleum Flat Black.  The white primer made the paint almost pink, while the black gave it a really purple look (like one of the overhead attached photos... that pic turned out like that because of the lighting I think).  The interior (what you can see of it) is both the pearl magenta and Createx Pearl White.  The decals were lifted from a '59 Impala kit.  Now that they're dry I'm not as crazy about them, but they aren't going anywhere now

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  9. hedotwo added a post in a topic Parts painting   

    Was wondering if anyone would catch that
  10. hedotwo added a post in a topic In-line fuel filters   

    I ordered these....  "SUNKEE 100pcs 1N4148 IN4148 DO-35 switching signal Doide" from Amazon earlier this year.  At the time they were like $5 or so for a 100 pack.  Clipped the pic from Amazon... not the clearest tho.

  11. hedotwo added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Parts painting
    I would often have trouble dealing with airbrushing (or rattle spray) smaller parts and then putting them down to paint additional parts.  I found a couple of plastic tube-type containers that I cut off to about a 7-8" height and then filled them about halfway with plain ol' sand.  I use long wooden skewers with alligator clips attached securely to hold the parts.  Placing them in the sand is a snap, and the sand holds them really steady so they don't touch each other when you move the container.   Another nice thing is that sand doesn't stick to the skewers when you remove them.  The pix aren't the greatest, but you probably get the idea.

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  12. hedotwo added a post in a topic Revell 30 A Coupe   

    Nice and clean!  Great job!
  13. hedotwo added a post in a topic New to the forum   

    Welcome Nola!
  14. hedotwo added a post in a topic On my work bench Revell' Model A coup.   

    Sweet build!  Love the bongos too....
  15. hedotwo added a post in a topic Early '60s, NHRA legal Chevy C/Gas Supercharged 'gasser'   

    Stunning!  Great work!