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  1. Glad you got the decals Wick. Yes, the blue 57 in my Avatar photo is my 1:1 Belair 2dr post.
  2. Nice pic! Wonder if that's original or a tribute car. Looks like the pic was from the '70s's?
  3. I never seem to have a plan. I wander from one build to another and there's never any rhyme or reason. I have so many builders waiting patiently to be brought out and finished that it seems when I finish one I stand and stare at the stash for a few minutes until something jumps out. I guess I would like to start/finish a few more cars from my family's history, and those from my wife and my 49 years. Remaining of ours would be our 68 C-10, 71 Impala HT, 72 Pinto non-hatch, 73 Caprice, 76 Malibu wagon, 77 Caprice 4dr, and two early 80 VW Rabbits. Obviously some of these will never get built. Family before I got married in '72 would be a 66 Lemans, 67 Camaro, 68 Biscayne wagon. Finally, I suppose the one I really should get to is my resin 65 Olds Cutlass that I need to try and mod to an F-85 post. This was my first car, bought from my girlfriends sister/husband in 1967 when I was a year away from my 16th birthday.
  4. I have the tires from the 65 Revell kit that you can have Casey. Did you need the rims too?
  5. This must've been an original from 64 I'm guessing, just by the the look and feel of it. It did have the side trim but it wasn't completely removed is still partially visible. As you can see it does have the wedge engine. I may try and gently take it apart to be able to clean and re-decal. In keeping the car original I could try and source an original, useable decal sheet although that might be wishful thinking. The Lindberg 330 kit uses the Candymatic decal instead of this kit's Candystick, plus the original had the front fender engine call-out decals and didn't use the stock eliminator fender decal. Nit picking I guess as I'll likely have to settle for the newer decals unless I can find an aftermarket source. Slixx didn't appear to have the originals, or any others. Thanks as usual Mark!
  6. I have a 64 Polara 500 HT Ramcharger builder that is in great shape, only requiring maybe some new decals, the hood scoop (which I've found) and general cleaning. I got interested in the correct build for this car and have been stuck trying to find pix of the HT Polara Ramcharger while pix of the 330 based sedan Ramcharger are everywhere. I even have the Ramcharger history hard cover (great book btw) that makes no mention of a HT and shows only the 330. Was Johan taking liberties with the decal set by including them in their max wedge HT kit? I think there may have been an altered wheelbase FX 64 HT that was run but nothing less that I could find.
  7. You adjust the tension by moving to another hole in the side. Experiment with it and you'll find the right setting.
  8. Welcome and love what you did with the Turbine!
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