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  1. Welcome Harry! You'll find lots of friendly folks here.
  2. I see there looks like a show at the Brookfield Sheraton on 11/7. Anyone have any info on this show? I'm thinking it may be the same as the bi-annual show that was previously held at Serb Hall in Milwaukee.
  3. Nice clean builds and welcome aboard Gunther!
  4. I’ll join in with my thanks as well Dave! It’s amazing how having the forum and this group of fellow modelers available for the resources, help and conversation adds to the enjoyment of this somewhat solo hobby. Keep up the great work!
  5. Great GTX build, and welcome to the forum!
  6. hedotwo

    1970 Hemi Cuda

    Nice build Keith!
  7. I have this pair I could trade if you might have something from the list I posted here a few days ago. They're a rubber/resin I believe.
  8. Joining in with the choir here..... love the "new" looks. Great idea and implementation!
  9. hedotwo

    Builder needs

    Took some time to inventory some of my builder needs. Almost embarrassed it's as long as it is. I have mostly this type of stuff for trade and some later kits as well. Thanks for taking a look. 58 SMP Impala CV... Windshield 59 SMP Impala CV... Front pan (under bumper) 60 SMP Impala HT... Front pan (under bumper) 60 SMP Impala CV... Steering wheel,stock wheel covers 60 Johan Olds 98... stock wheel covers, C pillar 60 AMT Imperial CV... windshield 60 AMT Ford Sunliner CV... complete windshield frame and glass 61 AMT/SMP Impala... hood 61 Johan Cadillac... red taillight lenses, stock wheel covers 61 Johan Olds 88... rear bumper 62 AMT Ford Galaxie CV... windshield 62 AMT Impala CV... windshield, stock steering wheel 62 AMT Impala HT... glass 62 Johan Chrysler 300... cross ram manifold assembly 63 AMT Mercury Monterey HT... hood, hood ornament, radiator 63 AMT Mercury Marauder CV... firewall, engine, radiator 63 AMT Riviera... interior tub and front seats 63 Johan Cadillac HT...glass 63 Johan Cadillac CV... one taillight, wheel covers 63 AMT Electra CV... windshield frame, CV boot 63 AMT Corvette HT annual... instructions, decals, telephone, stock intake manifold 64 AMT Corvette HT annual... dash TV, good box 64 AMT Imperial... firewall 64 AMT Buick Wildcat HT... stock wheel covers 64 AMT Buick Wildcat CV... stock wheel covers, stock rear bumper and red lenses, stock front seats 65 AMT Impala ... one red taillight 65 AMT Corvette HT... stock six spoke wheel covers 65 AMT Olds 88... firewall, valve covers, intake, carb, air cleaner 65 Johan Fury ... chassis, hemi, firewall, radiator 65 AMT Merc Parklane... stock wheel covers 66 AMT Mustang CV/HT... Rear bumper, glass 66 AMT Mustang FB... frame front crossmember 66 AMT Corvair HT... one red taillight, chrome backup lights, one cibie headlight bucket 66 AMT Corvette FB... custom front grille 66 AMT Buick Wildcat... glass 66 AMT Buick Skylark... two stock wheel covers, stock hood 67 AMT Plymouth Barracuda... stock steering wheel, instructions, decals 67 AMT Mustang Fastback GT annual... stock rear pan and bumper, front suspension 67 AMT Impala... rear seat 67 AMT Galaxie.. chassis 68 MPC Corvette HT... front glass 68 MPC Bonneville... tri power chrome air cleaners 69 MPC Bonneville... radiator and wall 69 AMT Chevelle... conv body and ht body, glass for ht 71 AMT Monte Carlo... firewall, radiator, engine I'm always looking for '60s/early '70s annual builders (like I don't already have enough) that I don't have. Rich
  10. Great work! I'm with those that grew up with these screwbottoms and have found that you can indeed make a respectable build from these, and you're headed there 👍
  11. Wouldn't you know.... I just saw your post Steve and I could've probably made it (3.5 hour drive) had I seen this before this morning 🤦‍♂️. I'll make myself a reminder for the Rochester show in February. That one is a 4.5 hour drive but if the weather cooperates I'd maybe give it a shot. A long driving day isn't bad when you're retired and if I could pick up a few things from my want list(s) would make it even easier 😉 Thanks for posting Steve
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