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  1. Nice weather = not enough bench time. Even when retired. But, I did make some progress with the interior and resin grille. I started out with the plan to just cobble up a bench seat to replace the buckets and not be overly concerned with factory accuracy. From looking at pix on google it seemed as though the base c/10 had a couple different patterns and neither were very fancy. My old memory says ours may have even had a funky cloth or vinyl seat cover. So, I began with the front bench from a 67 Chevy Impala which I widened and then sanded off as much of the pleating as I had patience to do. I ended up removing probably 80-90 percent of the pleating but I think it looks ok for this build. The door panels and dash were left alone. I just didn't want to look in and see buckets. I got around to doing the resin grille (fits perfectly in the MPC body) by spraying with Molotow and drilling out the headlights and replacing with clear lenses. On the backside of the grille I used Molotow to chrome the surfaces of a strip of 020 that would end up behind the headlights and then attached. I really should try and paint the CHEVROLET lettering black but I know my limits with small painting. For me it's often better to skip accuracy to avoid frustrating redo's 😉. Thanks as usual for looking....
  2. Not wanting to keep this thread floating, but based on what I've been following here I went ahead and ordered a pack of 001 Chrome online just now. Lately I've been using some of the BMF Matte Aluminum and found that it was similar in adhesive and thickness of the "old" BMF chrome. It'll be great to go back to the original (fingers crossed)....
  3. In addition to what Bill posted, these might be of help too? I've had these saved for a long time... back when I used to get into small detailing 😐
  4. Cool project idea! I'll watch this one for sure once you start 😉
  5. If anyone out there has the Maisto Explorer with the rims shown in the pics above could you measure the OD of the tire/rim combo and the OD of just the rim? Just wondering if they'd be too large for the 1/25 Ranger. Also, I just scanned ebay listings for Maisto Explorers (assuming those are the only ones offered with those rims) and found a few listings for complete diecasts. Not sure I want to pay for a complete model to rob the rims so I'm hoping either a junkyard offering comes up or better yet, just the rims. Thanks
  6. These are the closest I've seen to what I had... now if I could find them "cheap" 😉
  7. I'd have no idea who'd be able to do this for me. I appreciate the offer though.
  8. Long bed but not an extended cab. Salesman tried to talk me out of that cab and get the extended but I didn't listen. When winter came and I started wearing my heavy coat and misc it became pretty cramped. I remember the seats were really big and comfortable for a small truck. I'll see if I can locate a set of those wheels... thanks a bunch!
  9. What kit is the pic of Rog? I can't tell 😉.. shortbox F150?
  10. I had a 1:1 '93 STX and am happy there is an AMT kit of it, but the included rims aren't what mine had. The pic shows what I had (actually mine was black just like the pic). I know I'm probably going to end up using the kit rims but thought I'd ask first. Thanks
  11. Made some progress on the step bumper. Started by cutting the lower half of the stock bumper away and then fabricating a replacement from strip stock. To attach to the upper portion I filed the face of the bumper flat to give a good mating surface. Our 1:1 license was printed on heavy paper stock and then attached to a 020 piece of sheet and then to the bumper. The hitch ball is the head of a pin. I'm happy with the result. Thanks for looking
  12. From everything I could find it looks like the plain C/10 emblem wasn't part of any kit. Unless I missed it.
  13. From what little I know these MPC Chevy's had single molded exhaust for a year or two? I know this one began as a 70 MPC and this is what it came as. As for the trim on the tailgate it got removed along with the rest of the non-base trim on the cab and bed. File/sanding did it. Unless I'm misunderstanding the question 🤷‍♂️
  14. The transfers are to replace the Custom C/10 emblems that were on it. I removed them because our 1:1 was a base C/10 with just that marking. The transfers were about the only way I could do a resemblence to a plain C/10 emblem. I will use the white 2mm high lettering and hopefully it'll pass well enough. I don't have access to a color printer that will print an opaque silver on a clear backing so decals in my case are out. The font used in these transfers isn't exact to what Chevy used but they're close enough. The base paint will be a darkish green. The lettering is so small I don't have many options. Be nice if there was a PE option for the emblems, or even 3D.
  15. Finished up the topper. Red running lights are half round styrene with the ends rounded and painted a burgundy. Screen mesh is from an aftermarket vendor but can't remember which. It's scale anyway. The window tint film was donated by Petski (thanks again Peter) and turned out pretty good for my liking. I don't have a final pic with a lift handle added but it'll be seen when this project gets finished. Now that the topper is finished I'll move on to adding a bench seat to replace the kit buckets. Nothing crazy, but it'll be closer to our 1:1 than having buckets. From there it'll be easier with engine assembly and body painting. When all that's done and the C/10 is finished I'll move onto the trailer itself. Thanks for looking.... Here's are few pics of a test I did applying film.
  16. I have a few different riffler sets and this set, and another I have that's finer, are my most used. Like most things, you get what you pay for in the way they cut. I use rifflers more than standard files I think.
  17. I have a number of riffler files that I used all the time. I'm pretty sure the one in the pic came from Amazon in this set but it says it's not in stock. This set is fairly coarse but works really well when you want to take it down quickly. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0009PJWPK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_image?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  18. Next up was to attach a roof section and make templates for the side windows which will have both tinted and scale screen windows. Unfortunately the best photo I have of our topper, but my memory can fill in the rest.
  19. Fortunately I won't have to worry about hubcaps as ours had plain steels painted white. Thanks for the tip though.
  20. Some progress on the beginning of the topper for the truck. After much experimenting with the curvature needed to bring the top to the sides I ended up using 90 degrees of an 11/32 Evergreen styrene tube. I used a hole template to mark off both ends of the tube, which wasn't easy to ensure the cuts ended up fairly straight along the lines. Using the tubing had the benefit of holding its' shape after cut and being able to glue the "step" strips. I used masking tape to mark the cut lines and then used various PE saws to make rough cuts. I then finished by using my dremel VERY lightly with a fine drum sander to meet the tape. I ended up with two sections that I was happy with and added two strips to each to provide strength to the joints where the top and sides attach to the curved sections. I also made the templates for the front and back end panels. Lastly, a pic of a sheet of Woodland Scenics dry transfer letters/numbers that I'm reluctantly going to use for the side C/10 emblems used in 69. I guessed the height of the 1:1 emblems to be like 2" high, which works out to approximately 2mm high in 1/25. This sheet has the 2mm I needed, plus it had both white and black. Not thinking of an alternative to this sketchy way of replicating the emblems, I'll use the white letters against the dark green final paint of the truck. I may experiment with trying to paint a few of the letters silver and see how that works when transfered. Not holding out much hope on that . I'm a ways off from adding the transfers to the cab so if anyone has a better idea I'm all ears (well... eyes).
  21. Thanks Rog but I'm one of the oddballs that aren't too concerned with the underside as long as things sit level when finished. Mostly because of my trouble dealing with smaller, fiddly suspension pieces. Probably why I enjoy the old annuals. Years ago I never had that problem but many of us older folks know that your steadiness and dexterity can change as you age. Mine has. So I stick to things that are easier to fit and handle. We all build to what we enjoy doing I guess. 😁
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