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  1. IndyMike added a post in a topic I took the plunge   

    Congrats! Going on 20 years for me this spring.
  2. IndyMike added a post in a topic Testors paints   

    Thanks for the insight guys. I am familiar with acrylics and thought of staying with them. However, I picked up Donn Yost's videos and am anxious to try the laquer thinner/enamel combination with the airbrush I recently bought (have to wait until 12/25 to open it since it is a present from my 9 year old son). My work just gave me a gift card that I can use to try the MM line with no cost to me. Hopefully, I'll have something completed that is worthy of posting here soon :-)
  3. IndyMike added a post in a topic Testors paints   

    Thanks! That is what I thought but wanted to make sure.
  4. IndyMike added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Testors paints
    Hey guys. I am coming over from painting miniature figures to model building. In the miniature figures world, acrylics are the way to go and there are varying levels of quality between paint brands. With that in mind, I am curious to know if there is any difference between the Testors enamels and the Model Master line aside from the amount in the jar. Is the Model Master line considered to be a superior paint line to the Testors line?

    Just trying to get a better understanding before making my paint purchases. Thanks!
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  5. IndyMike added a post in a topic Buy 1 get 1 free @ Meijers   

    In Indianapolis, they had both 50% off and buy 2 get one free stickers. They honored both for me. I got '50 Ford pickup, '62 Chevy Impala and a '56 Chevy Bel Air for $22. If the wife doesn't give me the dirty stare, I am going back for more
  6. IndyMike added a post in a topic whats your model building resolution for 2013   

    Your resolution is to keep churning out those videos!
    I am getting into this hobby because your styrene addiction is contagious!
  7. IndyMike added a post in a topic ROCKET VAN! Deals Wheels Flying VW Van. WIP 11-30-12   

    This is a fun one to follow! Great job and love the creativity.