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  1. You're right Ace-Garageguy. I just never imagined anything like this wold happen. The paint said it was for plastics so I thought nothing of it. But now I know. I think I will buy that Testors paint for my next car (another Grand National of course) and a quick stroll down eBay lane showed me that there are a hand full of these kits at any given time and some of them for pretty cheap!
  2. Are you saying that I could try painting over the faulty paint with that Testors enamel? I remember I didn't buy the modeling spray paint at the hobby shop because it was crazy more expensive than regular hardware store paint (it very well might have been Testors brand). But if I could save my car, then maybe I'll give it a go!
  3. No I didn't because the paint said it was a primer+paint. Should I still primer if the paint is 2in1 like that? I didn't primer when I painted my computer case for the same reason and it turned out nice. Of course that is metal but the front faceplate is plastic and it turned out great.
  4. Wow, I sure am glad I came here for help. Thanks a lot for the tips and advice guys, this is great. Now I'm kicking myself for getting this paint. Thats a good idea you had, Bill, about making a custom GN out of this blunder. I'm thinking about it. At first I was looking into Purple Power, but if that texture is actually the plastic and not just the paint, maybe I'll try sanding it with super fine paper... or if I get a real good deal on ebay, I might just get another one and then I would have 2 of everything in case I mess up! Either way, I will definantly be comming back for more tips and tricks and hopefuly I will learn some valuable things! Thanks again guys, I'm not going to be a stranger!
  5. Hello all, and thank you in advance for any tips and help you all can give me. You can skip to the next paragraph if you don't feel like reading the backstory of this build, it really makes no difference. I haven't built a model car since I was in grade school (I'm 25) and back then I never bothered painting them. Well once I did but that turned out horrible because I had no idea what I was doing. Not that I've learned much since then, but at least I know more these days. I got a small bonus from work in the form of a Visa gift card and I had no clue what to use it on. I was at my local hobby shop for my fiance when I noticed a model kit (I still browse through those aisles every time I'm there) of a 1987 Buick Grand National by Monogram. I absolutely love these cars and that gift card was burning a hole in my pocket. I thought to myself "I'm going to buy this kit and build it proper, with paint and what not and I'm going to put real effort in this and finish it and it will look awesome!" So I picked it up along with the correct color paints listed and some glue. My fiance said "eww, thats an old person car." I thought that was funny. So I got all of the paints required accept the black for the body. I figured I would just get a can of regular spray paint for plastics to save some money. I picked up a can of "Krylon Fusion for plastics : gloss" at my local hardware store in black. Well I painted the major body parts (after washing them) with 3 coats thinking the next day it would look like the car on the box. I was very carefull not to touch any of it and I left it on a table in my garage overnight. Well, much to my surprise, it didn't. I have pictures showing how it turned out. There seems to be a lot of uneven drying and the texture seems uneven too. Also, in a few spots on the body, lines came through that were there in the plastic when I got it. I circled them. What am I missing? Will a coat of clear gloss finish fix this? Does that even exist? Do I need more coats? Should I better control the atmosphere where it dries? Should I never have used this paint? I hope I didn't completely ruin this kit. Thanks again! Oh yeah, and I did this all a couple months ago when it was still warm outside.
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