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  1. W-M-D added a post in a topic KISS van paint help   

    Is there an update on this yet just curious.
  2. W-M-D added a post in a topic Another long time hobby shop closes!   

    From the info I got they spent the month of June selling off inventory.
  3. W-M-D added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    Another long time hobby shop closes!
    I just found out that Big Four Hobbies in Plainfield, Indiana has closed. I hate to hear this. It was a hour and a half drive to Big Fours but I enjoyed the drive every time I went. They would get you anything you wanted as long as it was avalible to them. The only thing I don't understand is why they did not notify loyal customers they were closing. I had six models on order with them and had not herd anything from them in a couple of months. So I tried calling all day but no answer and no answering machine. I happen to check another form and found out. Sorry they closed but at the same time a little upset that they did not notify me so I could find another place to place my preorders. I am sure I wasn'tone of their biggest customer nor visited as often as others did but every time I was in the store I sent more money than I want to admit and a budy that always went with me would spend just as much. Just disappointed.
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  4. W-M-D added a post in a topic MENG 1/24 Ford F350 Super Duty Crew Cab: Sneak Peek Pics!   

    I can not wait until i get my kits in!
  5. W-M-D added a post in a topic 2015 Chevy Tahoe PPV , coming soon   

    What brand is this coming out with this die cast?
  6. W-M-D added a post in a topic KISS van paint help   

    I manage to get my hand on an original Kiss van model kit and on the outside of the box it list the colors needed to do the kit. To my surprise is not one of the colors. It list two different brads of paint. This first is Pactra - Insignia Red, Insignia Orange and Exotic Purple, or Testor #1103 Red, #1127 Orange and #1134 Purple. The pink color on the box must be due to the model being molded in white and the process of dipping the paint to get the swirl effect left the red thin enough that it appears pink.
  7. W-M-D added a post in a topic KISS van paint help   

    No it is not in a rattle can. It is a powder that you add to clear and then spray it. I know you can buy inexpensive single air brush at hobby lobby and run it off a can of propellant. which you can also get at hobby lobby. I will make sure to post pic as i am building mine.
  8. W-M-D added a post in a topic KISS van paint help   

    I would suggest getting the pearl ex flamingo pink flake and pearl ex salmon pink flake. The pearl ex will lay down better since they are very fine. if you are going in that direction. I am working on my own version of a kiss van but i am going in another direction.
  9. W-M-D added a post in a topic 55 Chevy Convertible   

    i am looking to get a 55 Chevy convertible kit can you tell me which kit this is? I have been told that some come with a continental rear bumper and i don't want that one i am wanting on with a stock rear kit.