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  1. Friggin ROCKS!!! One of the nicest I have seen.
  2. Thanks Brian. I need to charge up the batteries for the camera.
  3. I lost all the pictures of all my builds thanks to photo bucket. Its a lot of work to repost them all. Sucks it ruined my story. Anyways the Pete is still not finished yet I am at the lighting stage now but.......... I now cant justify spending the money in lights to only take a picture to show it. It's way to big to lug off to any model show. I don't know still pondering over it. I'll have to post some new pictures of the girl.
  4. As always very nice work Ken.
  5. I stumbled across this kit for 10 bucks that was already started. It's an old MPC 1/16 scale Cobra 427. The engine was started and painted weird colors. I took it all apart and repainted and reassembled the engine. This is what I have done now. Ken.
  6. Chris, Nice Cobra. I'm just starting this same kit now. Any flaws or issues with this kit that you are willing to share. Ken.
  7. Very nice. your tempting me. I put it up for sale, mmm maybe......tempting.
  8. For sure. I never build right out of the box. Every kit always needs the little extra.
  9. Dan, You bring a fist full of brown ones and be careful jumpin over da fence.
  10. I need to get rid of it. I'm starting to fall in love with it.
  11. A little dusty. It's on the rebuild pile. Built back mid 80's I figure.
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