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  1. Foose Cadillac

    I'm not alone http://www.revell.com/support/service-alerts.html
  2. Foose Cadillac

    Was realy surpised by package No chance for window frame to survive.
  3. #25 Bud Nastruck

    Thank you. Will check ebay. I have few trucks and want some different decals.
  4. #25 Bud Nastruck

    Nice. Where did you get decal?
  5. NNL East and the most wanted list!

    Thank you. I also have two paper soviet car and now DEAgostini made test soviet car in 1/24-Volga Chaika Pobeda and Zhiguli.
  6. NNL East and the most wanted list!

    What is it GAZ CHAIKA RUSSIAN CAR?. Is it kit?
  7. Nice, but please, put the tyres in right direction. Only rear left seted correct.
  8. BMW I8 Revell - Iron Man

    Nice, but please, put the tyres in right direction. Only rear left seted correct.
  9. Who knows what are this duallies https://auto.imgsmail.ru/content/photogallery/photos/1/0/10d3cb3e20e87ad8a5a44a0c589d6f11_orig.jpg
  10. Hi folks, I found "new" one dually
  11. Bronco

    Nice done. But please change tyres for right direction.
  12. Ferguson Tractor from Heller

    No, no,no tractor exhaust MUST be up:) and need a cover like that , Will do later
  13. Ferguson Tractor from Heller

    Front axle did not give many problems but rear-yes. To mach space for gluing. Cant find instruction to advice better way but will recomend use only wheel and first detal which stay inside support.
  14. Revell 1966-'77 Ford Bronco

    Got this kit yesterday, nice. But look on the box!!! Left front tyre fixed on wrong direction. What they were thinking about?
  15. Lest We Forget

    I was at home watching 1700 news (we have 8 hours difference) I had no internet that years but saw this tragedy almost in live by our news channels Terrible, we had almost same few attacks on slleping people in Russia that time.