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  1. Peter#2BK added a post in a topic Pro Touring El Camino   

    Very very nice! Under the bonnet is beautiful! & underneath, very clean & tidy
  2. Peter#2BK added a post in a topic 67 chevelle & 32 5 window   

    Thanks guys! I'm new to this site but have been looking and reading for a while..they're my first two builds in about 5 years, and then I didn't build for long or many..I've got back into it & loving it, & loving seeing what everyone else is doing too..
    Yeah, the tail lights! I'll do that..ran out of red paint!
  3. Peter#2BK added a topic in Under Glass   

    67 chevelle & 32 5 window
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  4. Peter#2BK added a post in a topic 60's Lowriders : Let Me See Them :-)   

    i know its not 60s...but i couldnt find anywhere else itd belong, pretty basic & quick build..kind of cool though.

  5. Peter#2BK added a post in a topic 32 Ford's   

    Love all of your 32s
    im new on here, from down under
    heres a 32 I finished a few weeks ago...been building models for about 6 months