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  1. I'm trying to build clean builds to see what all the fuss is about 😎
  2. Finished my Shelby. I'm pretty pleased with it. Learned a few things I'll apply to my next shiny build. I'm used to building beaters my last 3 builds
  3. Cool build! I really like this kit. I've built a few the options are endless
  4. glad you guys liked it !
  5. messed up my hood with a rookie mistake repainting my hood and under the hood today looks pretty good time to let it dry then do some detailing
  6. The wheels didn't come in this kit. They are amt wheels. I think they are from the 37 chevy kit.
  7. This is my first cleaner build I've done in a long time.I've been building weathered cars and needed a change. So i built this nova, my uncle had a green nova with a black hood when i was a kid. I always liked that car. So this build is what he might have done to it if he souped it up
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