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  1. fiftiesguy added a post in a topic Plymouth Duster resin grille   

    Great. Thanks for you help everyone!
  2. fiftiesguy added a post in a topic L-88 propelled '69 Nova   

    Very nice! This is the car Chevy should have built. Definitely would have showed a few Hemi 'Cudas the way home!!
  3. fiftiesguy added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Plymouth Duster resin grille
    I recently saw a Duster resin grille on Ebay, & didn't grab it. I should have, but assumed the seller (jb hobbies) would have more. Does anyone know any location where I can get 2 of these 70-71 Duster grilles? I'm building "before" & "after" versions of the '71 Duster. Just finished the full scale car this year.



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