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  1. Soo realistic! Nice Job! Reminds me of our family car my Dad took us over the cliff in back in '53.
  2. John, I noticed that the interior mounted windshield and windows will bind on interior side panels and dash. I had to grind off some of the top edge of the dash because it hit the windshield. Try to mount the windshield as high as possible. As for the quarter windows I actually notched the rear door panels a bit to move up so the front door panels lined up flush with the top door sills. I've also done a Promolite resin of the same car and it even takes a bit more grinding and trimming. Stay with it, you'll get it! Larry
  3. Beautiful job. Do you have any pictures underneath showing the Hydro, etc? $34,500? You might have that much in it based on your hourly rate. Don't take a loss,it's gorgeous!
  4. Nice build, looks soooooooo real like you and your wife could drive off in it! What does she think?
  5. Wow!, nice build. The wire wheels are fantastic. What an amazing job!
  6. Shown resin from the back. Attached is my mod and also the real car.Promolite did modify the window from the '51 Chevy kit but not quite enough in my opinion. Larry
  7. Here is a shot from the passenger side interior
  8. Yes the rear window and decklid are not quite right. From '51 Chevy which was wrong from the start but fixable.As the photo shows the arc of the upper window was added and more of a boattail trunk was ground out using Miliput on the inside.
  9. I did the interior dark and light gray with a darker gray floor and foiled the door trim and handles. This shot isn't too good but I'll try to take some more. On my top view of both cars on the original post you can see the steering wheel etc.
  10. During the website shotdown I took the suggestion to finish my project. I am showing my near finished 1950 fastback resin I got from Tom Coolidge at Promolite. I reshaped the back window and the taper of the trunk. I added the Ertl front bumper and grille, added material to the front edge of the hood and peaked both front fenders all in keeping with my 1 to 1 car. The car is #11 Alder Green right from my local paint store. I painted this car 3 times before I got it right. (had to buy a cheap air brush kit). The white wall tires I got directly from Revell as I told them they we not in the kit as described on box. They had white paper rings that would not conform to the tire. I took material off the back of the small hubcaps and cut off the lower headlight buckets and fitted them into the fender like the real car.
  11. Looking good, Thanks for putting the hood and trunk ornaments in the right place, as opposed to the box and instructions! Very nice build!
  12. How to make the 50 Olds Revell kit look more like the real thing. Above left is an actual correct 50 Olds. On the top left is the model pictured on the box which is an actual built model with some minor retouching by the mfg.. Below is the same picture modified in Photoshop by myself. See below for the five things I did: 1) Lowered the OLDSMOBILE letters and the hood world closer to the grille. 2) Recessed the under the headlight scoops into the body. 3) Added a license delete plate 4) recessed the hubcap into the wheel and added black in center, 5) Narrowed the whitewall and lowered the front slightly. Also the mirror is in the wrong place, SlB on door post. I built this kit but I used the grille and bumper off an Ertl bank 50 Olds which looks better, recessed the scoops etc. (See first page) But those who dont have access to the Ertl grille and bumper these suggestions may help get a more realistic look. I plan to build another stock and do the all above. Futuramic LE
  13. Beautiful job. The bright is superb. How did ya do it? I did mine and cleared over it but it looks no better that silver paint. Futuramic Larry E
  14. Gluehead,Thanks for noticing! My experience is these modified cars are never done. The engine is coming out for better wires. The mags will be replaced by another style, thus the screws! Even the frame is screwed on! Just like the 1:1 it will change. Larry
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