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  1. I replied to this before I saw your other posts on the Fords. They also are looking good.
  2. Looks good. I also a few '53's going on.
  3. Eric, Sorry we missed also. I enjoyed the meeting and am impressed with the hobby shop. I could spend a lot of money in a short time there. Will definitely be attending regularly. Thanks again for inviting me and letting me know about it.
  4. Good luck Brad. Looks good so far and here's hoping it gets done on time.
  5. Thanks Dave and Eric. I will definitely check this out.
  6. Moving to Tulsa in Dec. Wanting to know of any clubs in the area. Thanks for any info.
  7. I thought it looked like one of his cars. I knew Drew when he lived in the Phoenix area. I haven't seen him in years. If you know him and see him tell him I said hello.
  8. any idea who built the tequila sunrise car?
  9. much better than I could do
  10. They did use to raise the front of the cars back in the day to the point that the NHRA made a rule in the mid 60's that the engine couldn't be higher then 2 feet from the ground to the center line of the crank. That being said it's your model do what you like.
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