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  1. I know his son who also built a replica of his dad's car. Nice job
  2. They came to Phoenix a number of years ago and Wes took best of show with his mini cooper. The hemi wasn't quite done. I f there was a long distance award he would have beaten me by only a few hundred miles since I came from Tulsa Ok. just south of his home.
  3. Thanks for the pictures. The builder of the hemi is Wes Campbell from Missouri. Nice couple.
  4. My thought is since most contests say it must be the sole work of the person entering the model you could state on the entry that the figures were done by someone else and let the contest officials decide what to do or since you don't really care if you win a trophy you could enter in the display only area and not worry about it.
  5. Thanks for the pics Mike. Living in Tulsa I'm glad to get pictures of the contests from back home.
  6. Doug, glad to see you back. Remember you from the Spot Light Hobby board.
  7. That should have been if it's the one the revell model represents it's dark blue.
  8. If it's the Revell model I believe that it's dark blue.
  9. To me it would be the '32 roadster followed by the '32 coupe
  10. Jonathan, Good looking model and I'm sorry about you hand. Here's hoping it heals quickly.
  11. I'll be following along on his one also as my parents owned a '62 Mercury Meteor. I also own an AMT '62 Meteor kit and would like to do the same with it.
  12. I replied to this before I saw your other posts on the Fords. They also are looking good.
  13. Eric, Sorry we missed also. I enjoyed the meeting and am impressed with the hobby shop. I could spend a lot of money in a short time there. Will definitely be attending regularly. Thanks again for inviting me and letting me know about it.
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