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  1. motormodels added a post in a topic Building a shop ...some new pics 01/23   

  2. motormodels added a post in a topic Barn find diorama'a   

    i think the wallace and gromit van was an Austin A35 van ,the one above is a morris minor ,heres some more recent stuff

    theres lots more on my facebook page ,too many to post
    also have a good few on ebay

    thanks for the compliments

  3. motormodels added a post in a topic 1/32 scale modern street scene   

    lookin good Tony
  4. motormodels added a post in a topic Barn find diorama'a   

    hi tony the scales vary usually from 1/43 up to 1/18 ,the transit and the morris minor van have been sold but i do these models regular ,i sell them mostly on ebay ,i love building them but cant keep them all ,sorry for the late reply Alex
  5. motormodels added a topic in Dioramas   

    Barn find diorama'a
    thought id share some of my recent barn finds


    and lots more on my page


    hope you enjoy
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