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  1. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic What's next from Moebius - How about a 70 F-100 4x4 and a 65-66 F-100   

    Hopefully they will offer both the long and short wheel base / pickup box versions.  Actually, it is pretty easy to make a 6' box version from and 8' box version, but much harder and more expensive (2 kits required) to make an 8' version from 6' version.
  2. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Revell '66 Surburban shown at NNL-East!   

    Here is a rescue that I built from a couple of R&R panel trucks  Used the second one to length the body to be a 3/4 ton C20.

  3. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Econoline pick up ?   

    Jimmy Flintstone also sells one.
  4. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic 1954 Maxim Pumper In Service   

    Speechless build as always.
  5. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic The Road Weary Roadway Ford   

  6. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic M1008 CUCV Complete   

    Awesome build.
  7. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Why is it called a "California" Hauler 359 ??   

    Wheels of Time has now added a model truck column written by Lee Hartman.  After belonging to ATHS for over 30 years and getting WoT as part of the membership, I'm really pleased that they've added model trucks to the magazine.  If you love older trucks, this is the group to join.  In addition to WoT, they also do a separate publication with a photo of every truck registered at their national convention.  A great bonus for memebers from all over the world.
  8. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Page Resin   

    From conversations with Don and Carol over the years, they said that he had written approvals from the model companies to reproduce parts for kits that were long out of production and would never be produced again.  He also purchased the kits or models he used as masters and in most cases improved upon the original part. Don was also an avid model builder who mastered most of his own kits. The only time that ran afoul of written approval was when the mastered and produced those early GMC pickup truck conversion parts.  They did the work based on a verbal approval from someone at GM and when that person left the position, the new guy came in a suddenly wanted a royalty before he'd provide written approval.  Supposedly, they negotiated and finally got written approval, without royalties, a couple of years ago, just as they announced their retirement.
  9. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Moebius - Now that the Comet is out, What's Next   

    I think that cash flow may be a problem with Moebius right now.  I know that they have the Ford 4X4 pickups tooled, but aren't promising when they will be released. I think that on kits like the Comet and Hudsons, once the initial rush by older modelers to buy them goes by, the rest sit on the shelves of hobby shops (at least the ones I frequent) and refill orders for additional kits aren't being placed.  I hope I'm wrong but in talking to owner of my local hobby shop, he said the only Moebius kits that he has had to reorder have been the Navistar Lonestar and ProStar, and the Ford pickups.  Without cash coming in, tooling and production of new kits has to be put on hold. 
    Just my thoughts.
  10. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Freuhauf dump trailer   

    Wow!  That turned out soooo nice.
  11. maxwell48098 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    Round 2 is looking for decal set suggestions.
    Saw this on another site.  Here's an opportunity to let your voice be heard.
    Round2 Decal Suggestions
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  12. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Hayes Clipper 100 1/25   

    Wow that turned out great.
  13. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Ford Transit Highway Service Cab   

    Awesome build.
  14. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Revell 1966-'77 Ford Bronco   

    The shifter of the column is for the three speed transmission, while the floor shifter was for the transfer case.  Four speed Broncos has two floor shifters, one for trans, one for transfer case.
  15. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic My First Kitbash   

    Good minds think alike.  Here's one I did way back in 1983.