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  1. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic S series international   

    I used to have a friend that worked at Ertl in Dyersville, Iowa.  He told me back in the mid-'80's that these kits had very poor retail sales, and that the majority of these S-series kits were sold to International dealers who not only sold 1:1 trucks and equipment, but also sold farm toys, scale models and die cast replicas as well.  I remember picking up a a dozen for $7.50 each from the local International truck dealership in suburban Chicago when I lived there.  He was glad to get rid of them after sitting in his store for a couple of years and only selling 6 of them before my purchase.  I actually used the chassis under some non-International resin conversions and fire apparatus.  Still wish I'd not built them all back then and had a couple of them today.
  2. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ranger Pickup   

    Yes, we can be happy with kits while pointing out problems.  It is when pointing out problems becomes an obsession to the point of implying that the kit tooling was copied is simply ludicrous.  Others saying that the kit is so bad as to be not worth purchasing or building only hurts the prospects of future offerings in this series.  A little rework to the grilles is probably in order, but compare these with the AMT offerings.  Before I retired, I worked for DaimlerChrysler.  We would gather with our German counterparts to focus on future joint "back shop" projects that could be shared across both companies.  Too many projects died because our German counterparts focused on the 5% of the project that couldn't be shared rather than moving forward with the 95% that could be.  The Germans would make it sound like this small area of disagreement was 90% of the project, not 5%, and as a result top management is Germany would kill the joint projects to the overall detriment of the company.  Let's focus on the great aspects of these kits while noting that a few things are less than ideal, but not show stoppers.
    I won't be commenting anymore on this topic as it takes away from my building time which is far more uplifting than listening to bitches, not just on this board, but on others as well by the same folks.  Life is too short and model building is a fun hobby.  And after building for 60 years, I still love it.
  3. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ranger Pickup   

    There have been a lot of comments and insinuations about the Mobius kits being retooled AMT kits.  If they were really based off the same tools, then the parts layout should be on the sprues should be exactly the same between the Mobius and AMT kits.  Think about it, if Mobius were to be using AMT tooling then the same parts should be on the same sprues between kits.  Another point was how similar the parts were.  Shouldn't the parts be nearly identical if they are representing the same subject?  I've also wondered over the years about the amount of detail (and related costs) that goes into some parts that are almost completely hidden by other parts. I would also think that if Mobius was just copying or re-using AMT tooling, there would be no reason to make any changes at all, much less subtle changes to parts on the inside of the part like the air cleaner.  I'm in no way defending Mobius here but insinuating that they copied or use AMT tooling is really nuts.  Look very, very closely at the similar parts shown above and you'll see what I mean. Similar but not the same, then again the subjects and the components involved are similar or in some cases the same between that generation of Ford trucks.  Look at a Hollander interchange manual to see how the same part gets used across decades of the same manufacturer's vehicles.  Things like frames, suspensions, etc. should be nearly identical even on kits from different manufactures because the real ones are..
    Again while the Mobius kits may not be perfect, they are certainly better than the alternative at a price point that keeps them within reach of most modelers.  Maybe detail could have been better on some items but then the cost to do that would have surely increased the cost of the kits.  Look at the Meng F350.  Extremely well done, but with shortcomings as well but at a retail price of twice the Mobius kits.  Let's just enjoy these kits, and who knows if they are successful we may see other versions or revised versions of these in the future. Then again, how many complaints have there been about the grille of the Revell '64/'65 Chevy pickups compared to the 1:1, much less the correct one used by AMT on their '64/'65 lwb promos or the grille sold by Modelhaus.
    Let's enjoy these kits and be thankful, especially for the 6 cylinder versions!  So far there have been quite a few of these pickups completed and the ones I've seen look great.
  4. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic 1934 Ford Hot Rod Tow Truck   

    Neat little build.
  5. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic AUTO TRANSPORT   

    Nicely done.
  6. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic KENWORTH W900   

    Wow that turned out great.
  7. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic re; Tha passing of a friend and model builder   

    Bill Bitner was an extremely accomplished modeler of various automotive subjects. I always enjoyed his work and we conversed back and forth on several projects. Just remember that life is too short not to enjoy every day.

  8. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Moebius 69 F100 Bare Bone Stock   

    Very nice looking stock, low buck F100.

  9. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Moebius 71 Ford Ranger   

    Looks fantastic.

  10. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Moebius '71 F-100 parts for trade   

    With all of the problems with these Mobius kits and the parts that Roger has pointed out, I'm not sure why anyone would want them.
    The timing chain cover with very little detail.
    The water pump that looks like it came from a Yugo.
    The intake and carburetor that looks like Trumpeter molded it on a bad day.
  11. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Moebius 67-72 Ford Pick-up news   

    Well, I've opened the two '69's and two '71's that I bought. I must be really lucky as my four kits have only so very slight flaws, mainly light sink marks in the top rear corners of the bed sides. And I also dropped this cab right onto the older AMT F350 chassis, so a small flatbed or 4X4 mini-pumper using the '69 cab and '78 chassis looks like it will be on the to-do list. One simple thing that I would have liked is to have the exhaust system be mutiple pieces as I like to fully assembly the chassis and paint it as a unit. Once the rear axle is in place, getting the single piece exhaust system in there is impossible, so I cut the tailpipe off a the back side of the muffler, then glue it back together after installation.

    Overall, I'm pretty pleased with these kits and hope Mobius isn't discouraged to not fill out this line of Ford kits. One thing I do remember from my days as a Ford technician in the early '70's is that the 300 CID truck six had the same external dimensions as the 240. We swapped a 240 for a 300 in my buddy's '60 Ford Wagon, along with 3 Webber sidedraft carbs. That thing had torque that would burn the tires off the heavy Ford wagon.
  12. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic HOBBY LOBBY- kits on sale   

    I agree JT that the stores know these folks are scamming them. I've been building model car and trucks since 1958, and have built thousands over that period of time. I can honestly say that I can only think of one or two kits that I've purchased that were defective. Both cases have happened in the past 10 years and both times I contacted the model company to get replacement parts.
  13. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Was cruising the interweb and found a German model truck site, with a neat conversion of the Meng Ford F250   

    Yep,it works fine.

  14. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic Was cruising the interweb and found a German model truck site, with a neat conversion of the Meng Ford F250   

    Jim, Open the site in "google translator" set to English.
  15. maxwell48098 added a post in a topic HOBBY LOBBY- kits on sale   

    I picked up an AMT 359 kit on the clearance shelf at my local Hobby Lobby the other day that someone had bought and apparently needed only the wheels and tires, then brought it back. It was complete except for the tires and wheels and was priced at $12.93. Couldn't pass it up. I've picked up other returned kits, mainly for parts, as the prices were too good to ignore.