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  1. I often thought that it might have cost more for Moebius to remove the extra parts from the chrome trees after being molded, but before plating, than including them for modelers to use, or add to their parts boxes. It looks like with the 60's Ford pickups they decided to leave the extra, unused parts on the trees. For the price point, the extra parts are a bonus and welcome addition for use with other builds. I know those extra exterior rear view mirrors will make their way onto other builds/rebuilds. Thanks Moebius. Just my thoughts, A.J.
  2. This is my point of view. One thing I've learned over my 6 decades of building automotive models, is that if you want something that is available in resin, but it today when you see it, as tomorrow it may no longer be available. Most resin producers aren't like Modelhaus that did it for several decades, and availability of their quality products was almost taken for granted......until they decided to retire. Even if you're not sure that you are going to build a project with the resin, rather have it and not use it, then not being able to get it when you really want it later. And if you later decide not to use the resin parts/conversions that you bought, you can always offer them for sale to your friends who do want them.
  3. I built a 1934 Ford pumper back in the '80's using an original AMT '34 Ford pickup for the fenders, cab, and front frame. Everything else was scratch built, including the wheels and tires.
  4. Here's the link to the box kit.https://scenesunltd.com/collections/all/dump-box
  5. I've been to the Don Garlits museum at least three times. I always find something new with each visit like this diorama.
  6. FYI - From my time working in a Ford dealer from '65 - '72, I can attest that a 352 in a short box F100 would really haul.
  7. Bill, No rush. I'm pulling parts together for winter projects, and couldn't resists ordering pretty much everything I'll be needing. I look forward to receiving and working with them. Thanks, A.J.
  8. Couldn't help myself, and just placed an order. Thanks, A.J.
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