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  1. Bill, No rush. I'm pulling parts together for winter projects, and couldn't resists ordering pretty much everything I'll be needing. I look forward to receiving and working with them. Thanks, A.J.
  2. Couldn't help myself, and just placed an order. Thanks, A.J.
  3. Local hobby shop got them in last week, but I've still got 4 left from earlier releases. A.J.
  4. Notice that the tire decals are for BF Goodrich tires which were never used by Chrysler on any vehicles of this era. Their main tire company was Goodyear, as shown on the image of the 1:1 vehicle. And the tires were bias ply Polyglas line tires, and not radials.
  5. Here are some ALF 700's that I built in the '80's. Chassis is from ALF 1000 series, with modified 1000 series cabs, and scratch built bodies. Also used the aerial from that ladder chiel on the MMA quint. 1950 ALF 700 pumper 1957 ALF 700 Pumper
  6. This one started as a '53 F100 but turned into an F700.
  7. It also drops right onto the '90's Dodge 2500 pickup, as well as the long wheelbase '70's Dodge and Chevy pickups. After all, an 8 foot bed and an 8 foot utility box should be the same and 1:1 wheelbases varied by a few inches at most. A.J.
  8. I used half of one of those van trailers and put it on a stretched Dodge L700 chassis. A.J.
  9. Rather than provide an extra vinyl tire and plastic rim for the spare, AMT included the plastic tire that included the rim. A.J.
  10. FYI - Except for the rear cab mount, the '65/'66 chassis is the same as the '69/'72 chassis just like the 1:1 trucks. A.J.
  11. I think AMT is just amortizing what Coke must have charged them for use of their trademarked logo. Plus there are Coke collectors out there that will buy ANTHING that says "Coke" or "Coca Cola" on it no matter how irrelevant the connection is between the two.
  12. This is a 1925 Ford Model T roadster that I built in 1960 from original AMT kit 125 1925 Ford Model T double kit. There is no paint on this model except for some silver accents and red tail light. I found this when cleaning out my parents home after they both passed away and we were getting it ready for sale back in 1985. It somehow got wrapped in tissue paper by my father who kept it in a dresser drawer unbeknownst to me. I remember my father telling he he learned to drive on a 1924 Ford Model T roadster on his uncle's farm in Iowa in 1926, and I guess it had symbolic significance for him.
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