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  1. shawnss added a post in a topic 57 chevy pro mod w.i.p (updates 11/11/12)   

    wow great build. amazing skills. looks like lots of time went in this build. awesome job.
  2. shawnss added a post in a topic 2015 Chevelle Concept now Under Glass   

    awesome job so far looks great. I like it. this thing is going to turnout sweet.
  3. shawnss added a post in a topic Newb- started building model's again. z06 few new pics 12/14/12   

    well I have been working on the vette a bit this week. heres where its sitting as of right now. almost done then. I get to start a more detailed build. its a bit dusty.

  4. shawnss added a post in a topic Newb- started building model's again. z06 few new pics 12/14/12   

    OK thanks for those links. I'm looking forward to getting into the deeper side of detailing the builds.
  5. shawnss added a post in a topic my 2012 builds   

    awesome build's. looks like you got a lot done it a short time. nice work. I like the weathered look. I'd like to try a build like that at some point. great job.
  6. shawnss added a post in a topic Newb- started building model's again. z06 few new pics 12/14/12   

    Thank's Guy. The started build has sure been fun. I have put it together with basic modeling tool's. but after joining the forum and looking around it looks like i need to get some model tool's ordered up. there are so many accessories out there for this hobby.

    Is there any thread's started here for what company's sell all the different accessories for these build's? Im not looking for anything speific just some place's I could buy some more detailed accessories from. Im open to all kids of things. drag racing, pro toursing, lower riders, old skools ect. thanks for any help.
  7. shawnss added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Newb- started building model's again. z06 few new pics 12/14/12
    Ok so I'm a younger guy that's getting back into model's again. I haven't touched a model in over 5 years. I have a pretty active life style during the nice summer months mostly working on my project vehicle's and riding ATV's. But during the winter month's I'm pretty much a bum. well that needs to change so I have decided to take up model building again. I'm just a beginner again but I'm having a blast so far. I'm really excited to work on my skill's and get more into the detail side of building these model's. I'm only 27 and have a pretty busy life but I'm going to build as much life style allow's me to

    So here's a little project I started 12/10/12. this was just a simple model to get me back into the grove of things so to speak. I must say what I have seen on the forum so far are work's of art. you guy's do top notch build's and I look forward to learning and thing or two from here.

    this is just a simple plain build. I'll be starting a more detailed build after I finish this one up.

    The kit is a revell 2004 corvette Z06 commemorative edition.

    I will also be building a hobby work area soon. for now I've just been using the spare from on the kitchen table
    but I have a few different spare room's in my home the wife said I could make into a hobby room So that project will start soon.
    but for this week the kitchen table will work

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  8. shawnss added a post in a topic Honda Civic aka Grape Soda   

    Nice job. Looks great. Lots of little details. Is there a how to on opening the doors and making hinges?