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  1. streetdoc added a post in a topic Richie Evans Pinto   

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. The closest color I have found is go mango, or Omaha orange. The rest is still in the planning process. Thanks again
  2. streetdoc added a topic in NASCAR   

    Richie Evans Pinto
    I just put the 1972 Pinto modified on the workbench. (sorry no pictures yet) has anyone built this model as of yet? I have the DTR kit of the pinto and am gonna buy the correct decals when the time comes. I have been out of modeling for several years and this is the second one I have started in the last month or so. If anyone has any suggestions or can offer any ideas let me know.
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  3. streetdoc added a post in a topic Freddy Fryar's All-Pro Firebird   

    That is a great build, I worked on Brown's cars in the late 90's and early 2000's, the southern allstar years, before he "retired". Did you build the kit or where did you find the kit, and I would love to see the decals of Brown's you have. I would love to see the #58 back to what it was. Thank you for the reminder of the good old days. RIP Darrell. may the memories live on