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  1. Hi mate. Just saw your old post about the 59 Crown Royal. Could you give me any info on which kit it was and where you got it? I just saw one of these in real life and I'm in love. Need to find myself a kit

  2. Looking even more awesome Kenn. Can you give us some info on how you're doing those hinges??
  3. That is one sweet looking ride. I LOVE the stance on it and the way you've managed to stay true to the original styling.
  4. Looking VERY good. I started "downgrading" my Ecto 1A kit back to the original car, but there is SO much work I just can't get motivated. Maybe I should do something similar. Believe it or not, this build looks a lot easier than the downgrade I'm attempting.
  5. This build is getting stupidly awesome. The doors look amazing. I can't wait to see the secret to those door hinges. I'm expecting to see working window cranks and door locks on this Kenn.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA - Fiber optics now?!?!??!!? What's the plan for that?
  7. Seriously beautiful build Tom. Along with some other recent posts, the detail you've put into the interior and dash has really inspired me to improving my own skills.
  8. This build is just ridiculous. How the heck am I supposed to compete with that? I thought the chassis construction was awesome enough, but those wheels are beyond amazing. Never in a million years would I think of building and lacing my own wheels.
  9. Not the kind of car I usually go in for, but this is looking great. The paint job looks flawless
  10. Love the work on this. The interior detail is gorgeous, as is the chassis. Once again, I'm made to feel inadequate.
  11. Looking good so far Grumpy
  12. No, not mine. My next kit. It's a 2010 Camaro, and the body is warped. What's everyone's favourite solution to this?
  13. Finally got this thing finished. It was driving me crazy. I'll do a post in Under Glass later today once the final photos are done, but wanted to show some of the progressive images. Apologies for the massive images, I keep forgetting to crop them. As usual, you can read the whole story on my blog, starting HERE
  14. Nick, I'd hardly call myself an expert given the talent on this forum, but I've had pretty decent success polishing my models. Make sure you've laid down a few good coats of colour to help prevent burning through to the primer. I start with a 4000 grit polishing cloth, and move through 6000 and 8000. Make sure the cloth/paper is well soaked in warm water with miild detergent and gently sand. Once done, rinse it and let it air dry. I then use Tamiya polishing compound, but you can use any automotive polish but not a "cut and polish" since I find it too abrasive. Apply a small amount to the model, then use a clean, soft cloth to gently polish in small circles, being careful of raised edges. Don't rub all of the polish into the model though. You need to let it "haze dry". So gently rub it in, leaving a thin film on it. Work in sections, by bringing one section to the haze, then bring the next section to haze before re-polishing the first section. Use another clean, soft cloth to polish off the haze and you should get a nice, shiny finish. If you like, you can then use automotive polish (that includes carnuba wax) to polish it up, but I don't bother with that step. What you need to be carefule of is that Tamiya compound dries WHITE, so if you get any in panel lines or other cracks or crevices, you need to remove it once you've finished that section. Some areas (like hood grilles) might need a touch up afterwards, since I find it hard to avoid getting polish in them! It's really hard to show the quality of shine in a photo, but here's the mustang I did:
  15. Have you considered wiring your own distributors? I find that most kit distributors are fine for making your own. Just cut off the pins, use your pin-vice to drill out where the pins were and glue in the wires. The wire is cheap. Even in Australia where EVERYTHING is a rip off, the wire is only about $7 for 10m.
  16. Cheers Tomo, I've tried that in the past with quite bad results. I'm guessing my tip wasn't sharp enough.
  17. Looking awesome Tomo. I hate that I always seem to find these great builds when they're almost done. The body colour is a perfect match for what you wanted and the interior looks brilliant. The interior is my favourite part too. Can I ask what method you - and others - use to colour the raised lettering on the rear of the car? Do you use a wash, or decals or something else? I have tried all sorts of things and can never get it right. I have a Camaro with "Chevrolet" on the engine and I want to colour it, but afraid of screwing it up.
  18. Looks good. Italian Red is a fav of mine
  19. I get the same response: This content is currently unavailable The page you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.
  20. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I can't find any plastic car kits on their website. ".com" seems to be all diecast and ".net" seems to be all figurines.
  21. Looks fantastic! I love the black stripes - good call! And the quality of that paint job looks amazing
  22. What a freak surprise. Repairing would be a great test of MY abilities - something I'd look forward to. But if it were me, I'd probably contact Revell anyway. You never know, they might at least offer you another kit as compensation.
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