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  1. bigkenny added a post in a topic 1936 Ford Flatback Sedan   

    Did a "Fantom Flatback Forty"a very long time ago. I used the same sedan body and front clip from a Mono. '40 Pickup.I have a few more pickups squirrelled away in case I want to build another or a coupe or cabriolet. Both of these items are 1/24th.I really like what you're doin'.That 1:1 '36 Sedan that inspired you is a real gem that I know you can replicate.I saw some of your work at GSL in '09. Good Luck,and keep those updates coming!
  2. bigkenny added a post in a topic 1964 ford fairlane mean streetcar   

    The front clip of a Baldwin/Motion 70 1/2 Camaro is a separate piece with no shock towers,and allset up for a big-block Chevy,There ya' go!
  3. bigkenny added a post in a topic AMT Forty Ford   

    Chopped '40s seldom look good,but this one does.The slanted posts don't hurt either.Whenever I build teardrop skirts,I usually bend 'em aound a light bulb,to give 'em some bubble,the bottom flares came later.The Sam Green sounds good.Nice work!
  4. bigkenny added a post in a topic Henry A. Yelinek Sr - '37 Ford NASCAR Racer build   

    You could build it with what you have,the most important issue would be the stance and the wheel and tire combination,and the paint and lettering.As I understand it,you,re building it to go on a shelf,so it doesn't need to be as complicated as Ace and I are trying to make it!
  5. bigkenny added a post in a topic Henry A. Yelinek Sr - '37 Ford NASCAR Racer build   

    The Wide-5 wheels that Ace is referring to is part # P-9 from Replicas&Miniatures Co.of Maryland. You'll still have to tweak them a bit,but they are a good start.Have fun and Happy New Year!
  6. bigkenny added a post in a topic Henry A. Yelinek Sr - '37 Ford NASCAR Racer build   

    The body is great,but the chassis will not work for this application.For starters,the kit is in 1/24th scale,and almost everything else you're gon na find,is in 1/25th.If my 74 year old memory serves me right,the pic looks to be from the early to mid 50s. Monogram had 1/24th '36 coupe,that you might be able to use for some parts.Grab a Revell '40 Coupe for its frame and other running gear.Don't get the one with the Columbia O.D.rear,and don't worry about it being 1/25th,it will work.The next thing you must do,is get your hands on a Replicas&MiniaturesCo.of Maryland catalog.They have just about anything else you'll need,wheels,shocks and a ton of flathead stuff.If at all possible,try to find a REAL car at a museum or collector.Y ou'll need to be creative,nobody from the past is going to critique your work.Hope I,ve been somewhar helpful.Good Luck!
  7. bigkenny added a post in a topic "Bonneville Betty"   

    I recently started on a similar project using a severely chopped '50 Olds,t hat will be powered by a highly modified Ken Kitchen straight '8' Pontiac disguised to look like an Olds.After seeing yours,I'll most certainly have to step up my game!Great work!
  8. bigkenny added a post in a topic 48 ford coupe custom   

    The '48 looks fantastic! Do you have any photos of how you did the 'B' pillars? Real clean build!Bigkenny
  9. bigkenny added a post in a topic Black '32 Ford Highboy (Doane Spencer Tribute)   

    Great model as usual Rod. I may be letting the cat out of the bag but "The Rolling Bones" in the Saratoga,NY area are building a Doane Spencer "tribute car". I saw the finished rolling chassis at their annual Garage Night last Saturday night.This is going to be great! I have all the makings of one of these,from the same source, RMofM,I even had a DuVal windshield plated.Can't wait to see more of your stuff!bigkenny
  10. bigkenny added a post in a topic 53 FORD   

    Looks great! I started a hdtp.,inspir ed by the '54 that was inThe Rodder's Jour nal some t ime ago. It won't have a lot of detail,just paint and stance. Pretty much a mild custom,sharing the bench for now.Happy Holidays to all!-Bigkenny
  11. bigkenny added a post in a topic Richie Evans Pinto   

    Doc,if I do another one,which I may,I'd go with the Omaha Orange.With some of the pics you'll find that the sponsor name is over the wheel wells,others on the C-pillars,because of the way the Pinto body was cut.The kit body will have to modified if you want to run them over the wheel wells.The ACE decal package has some b/w photo guides.There were so many cars,no matter what you build,as long as it's Orange and #61,you'll be close.Round numbers,square numbers,and on and on.Bigkenny
  12. bigkenny added a post in a topic Richie Evans Pinto   

    Started one for a club project some time ago,do as much research as you can.Get the right shade of orange.Urban legand would have you believe he used paint from the Rome,NY DPW.In the very early years, he might have,but later on he got a little more sophisticated,and used paint from GM and Ford. Get the tires and wheels from PPP,and ACE decals,and you should be on your way.With the decal sheet you can build several car,get if you them while you can.Do your best,and don't worr about "know it alls" See a real car if you can,and pay attention to when he used Goodyears or Firestones.Good Luck and have fun,and a great Holiday Season! Bigkenny