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  1. Evening all! Ran into a spot of bother with a kit I've recently purchased and thought I'd come to the forum for a bit of advice and wisdom. The kit in question is a 1:25 1956 Ford T-Bird from AMT-Ertl. When I opened the kit, everything that needed to be in the box was in the box, except for one thing: The color call-out sheet. Fortunately, I already know what color I will be using for the exterior (Fiesta red) and for the engine block itself (Ford Engine Red). What is giving me a bit of concern are the colors for things like the chassis, the interior, and the other bits which comprise the engine. Does anyone have/know of a color call-out sheet for this car? If not, can anyone recommend a good reference site so I can piece color schemes together from photo references? Thanks!
  2. Great work. Big fan of the interior work as well. I'm planning on building a 1968 Mustang GT Fastback as it appears in "Bullitt" and have been trying to figure out what to do for the floors and I rather like what you did with the felt. Was it just regular felt that you painted flat black and then dry brushed with silver or was the felt already black and you just dry brushed with silver? Also, did you lay down the felt as one giant covering for the interior, or did you cut it out into sections and glue it down with, I'm assuming, white glue? Once again, great work!
  3. You're right. It has the blank "Bullitt" grille. I posted this notice prior to my opening of the kit and examining the sprues.
  4. Still trying to figure that out. If push comes to shove, I may just use the stock wheels.
  5. Just got this today as part of my Christmas haul. I have all of the tools that I'll need to build this correctly. Just need to buy a few jars of paint and figure out what to do with the grille assembly and I'll be on my way to completing this project as my triumphant return to the world of scale modeling
  6. Greetings all. I have recently gotten back into model building after a 12 year or so hiatus and am planning on a rather ambitious project. I am planning on building both cars that were involved in the iconic chase scene from "Bullitt" as well as building a display scene that shows one of the segments of the chase as well. Fortunately, I am from and still live in San Francisco (that's right, Native San Franciscans still exist and live here) so getting to the locations for reference photos of the buildings and streets will be a bit easier for me rather than having to rely on what's on film. For the cars, I plan on using the Revell-Monogram 1:25 scale "2 'n 1" kits for the Mustang GT Fastback and the Dodge Charger and building them as they come directly out of the box. Paint and detail work should be easy for the Charger (Flat Black int./ext.). Detail work on the Mustang should be easy as well (use the film as reference for interior colors,) not using the grille on the front of the car, not applying the GT Badges, etc. However, I find myself running into a bit of difficultly when it comes to the painting of the Mustang. I know that the the official name of the color of the Mustang is Highland Green, but I have not been able to find any business that sells this color specifically. Instead, I have found a handful of shades of Green that look similar to Ford's Highland Green. These colors are: British Green (Tamiya TS 9 Spray) Racing Green (Tamiya TS 43 Spray) Deep Green (Tamiya XF 26) Dark Green (Tamiya XF 73--JGSDF) Dark Green (Tamiya XF 81) Dark Green 2 (Tamiya XF 70) JN Green (Tamiya XF 11) JA Green (Tamiya XF 13) Black Green (Tamiya XF 27) NATO Green (Tamiya XF 67) If anyone has done a similar build/project, what would be an acceptable substitute for Highland Green? Either in the form of an individual color or a mix of colors? Does anyone know of any business that sells Highland Green specifically for plastic models? Also, are there any other details that I should be aware of or may have over-looked in my research for this project for the Mustang and/or the Charger? Thanks for the help, everyone! Once I figure out the paint problem, I'll start to post up pictures of the build on the cars.
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