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  1. What happens when boredom sets in...

    i think ill have to put my dvd in and slo-mo the end now.
  2. What happens when boredom sets in...

    you mean a dodge challenger right?
  3. 1964 Ford Thunderbolt

    so this past month has been very stressful. we were forced to move and it was not enjoyable. previous house (we rented) went under foreclosure and then public auction. so here is a little update on this car. as you can see I'm using diffent intake and valve covers then the kit supplies.... i accidentally put the parts in a little thinner after chroming to get the clear cote off and the parts melted. and i was furious. if anyone has an intake alternator, carbs, and valve covers there not using let me know
  4. 1964 Ford Thunderbolt

    this is the most recent release. the "special edition"
  5. 1964 Ford Thunderbolt

    yea I'm going with a rusted/ neglected look and never have done any of this lol. and that was only like 10 mins in bleach
  6. 1964 Ford Thunderbolt

    this was my first time de-chroming parts and i think they came out pretty well. i want to really detail this car. any suggestions? washes?
  7. Toyota Supra

    these cars are gorgeous wingless. i own a 1:1 mk3 supra and i removed my wing for that reason. the lines of the car are perfect
  8. 1980 mustang notch

    so I'm finally building a car to replicate mine. well kinda. since i own a hatch and there is only coupe's available right now ill have to settle for this shell right now. this isn't a direct nose swap. i had to cut the front bumper down the middle to shorten it up. and it was molded very badly so it needs a lot of filler. and since i had it in half i trimmed out the grill which will need filler lol heres first mock ups of the shell right now. and a 1:1 of my car
  9. New project. Nasty LX notch oct 12 almost there!

    this looks amazing! my 1:1 1980 hatch came with the vinyl interior. it was horrible! especially since it was tan vinyl.
  10. hey guys i just got a kit off ebay for 7 shipped to my door. but it didn't come with pins to put the wheels on. what were they made out of? metal? and does anyone have any they are willing to part with??
  11. N1/N2 Hachiroku

    i have a few ae86's I'm building and i love how well the kits are made
  12. "Track Rat" Fox body build - Finished!

    love this build! its had me thinking all day since i want to build a model of my personal 1:1 fox but with a 1980 front end
  13. Mistress again….

    Man, your lucky your wife doesn't care about you doing illicit things in your car. I have a twin turbo supra and my fiance HATES when I find some people on the street when she's in the car.
  14. FRS/GT68 RocketBunny Build

    a little more progress