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  1. Tom M. added a post in a topic Bobby Allison`s 1975 Matador   

    I have no issue with the build, as a fantasy build, with one caveat. I sincerely hope it doesn't get painted in Penske/Allison livery. If it does then people who don't know much about historic NASCAR will assume that since the builder put so much time and effort into the super detailing then that must be the way the actual cars were done. That would be a shame.
  2. Tom M. added a post in a topic How shiny should shiny be?   

    Very true, it was common to have over 10 coats of lacquer clear on a show car paint job. However, as one who was around and using a spray gun on 1:1 stuff back in the '70s I can tell you that not only was each coat of lacquer much thinner than one coat of urethane but the lacquer was color sanded every 2-3 coats to level it out. So the total thickness of clear on top of the paint was usually less than or equal to the thickness of one coat of urethane.

    Clear is just a tool for achieving a result. It's a tool that can be misused, I've seen gorgeous urethane clear topcoats and I've seen horrendous ones. "Shine" isn't the only factor in making a finish attractive, a model or a 1:1 car can have a deep wet shine and still not look good.
  3. Tom M. added a post in a topic Buick and F-bodies   

    I like the concept. You have to adapt the Buick GN style hood blister to the hood, too.

    Maybe look at the Reatta for styling themes, since the Reatta was similar in size and overall shape to the F-body? In fact, wasn't there a Reatta promo done at one time?
  4. Tom M. added a post in a topic Cosworth Vega?   

    I've been considering modeling the Cosworth Vega wheel on CAD and having a stereolithography master made for casting. I have used this process before and while it's not cheap (figure $75-$100 for a wheel master that is smooth enough to cast) it would yield a highly accurate part. I used to own a Cosworth Vega with the Hutton conversion for sidedraft Webers and I've wanted to model one for quite some time.

    What is the consensus for the most correct kit tire for a Cosworth Vega, so that I can use it to scale my wheel pattern to?