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  1. Yes sir! Its been going on for years now, come on down and join us !
  2. Well it's that time of the year again! IPMS Middle Tennessee is putting on our annual show. Mark you calendar, finish those builds and come out to join us. We will have the one and only Smokin Buttz BBQ food truck serving food again this year!
  3. Nice work, this was the first bike kit i ever built. Sadly the decals were shot so mine is sitting bare until i find some aftermarket ones.
  4. Is there a link for the early bird? can someone get an early bird with out paying to enter the show?
  5. It's that time of the year again! Please come and join us in Murfreesboro TN for our annual show! Got a great local BBQ food truck coming for lunch this year. Please come out and enjoy the vendors and contest!
  6. Just bought one yesterday, it's along the same line as the C6R kit. Simple and a quick build but still leaves room for some extra details.
  7. I follow the directions on the back of the can " Buff after 10 mins dry". Never have had a problem doing this.
  8. Had a wonderful trade with Merkur xr4ti
  9. I love this kit, i want to pick one up and paint it a bright lime green color. Keep up the great work!
  10. I as well have bought many things from Mega Hobby, always have been happy with the service. Welcome to the board!
  11. I also ordered one from Greg after I ordered the Scale Production kit. It's a nice body for sure. I've got the body and rims painted. I found a set of tires I bought fit the rims perfect and look better than the Scale Production tires, they are Bridgestone tires and are made by Pegasus. I will post some pictures later. I plan on ordering at least 2 or 3 more body's from Greg!
  12. The paint is Tamiya Mica blue ( about 6 coats) with Tamiya clear and Tamyia fine white primer. The kit comes with the racing style windshield. Here is the kit i used, http://www.ebay.com/itm/MISB-REVELL-SHELBY-COBRA-427-S-C-MODEL-KIT-85-2828-/201500921589?hash=item2eea640ef5:g:yIYAAOSwT~9WjBYz Thanks but the paint is far from flawless, i had a problem with the blue pulling away from the door and trunk edges when i clear coated it. I let the 6 coats dry for close to 3 weeks, best guess is i piled the first coat of clear on to thick and it reactivated the blue and it just pulled away from the edges. The stripes are the kit decals, they went on very nice seeing how they are printed by Cartograph. They still take a good amount of Microsol and heat from the hairdryer to get them to lay down.
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