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  1. Dr. Trevorkian added a post in a topic American Racing Miniatures still in business?   

    The short answer is no. Here in Tom Faletti's own words ...
    "The one constant in life is change, as we all know. Ed's(Spyder) wife is retiring this year and therefore he has decided to retire again. From ARM this time, rather than the Smithsonian. He has children and grandchildren scattered around the country and even in Europe, so there is much traveling in his future.

    I am moving forward with ARM, but as of 1/1/17 I have suspended retail operations so that I may devote more time to developing ARM's new products. In addition, I've had a few medical issues this past year with three hospital stays, so I am going to spend more time on my health and well-being as well as other issues in my life. For those still interested in ARM kits and accessories, you can order them through the www.micromark.com website as long as supplies last. They are mentioned in their catalog, but are only available for purchase from their website."
  2. Dr. Trevorkian added a post in a topic Riken Turbo Wheels   

    The closest thing you will find is Ronal Turbos by Scale Production in Germany.

  3. Dr. Trevorkian added a post in a topic Porsche 962c   

    Yes that's about the only thing better about the Hasegawa kit in my opinion. 
  4. Dr. Trevorkian added a post in a topic Porsche 962c   

    Yes it uses the Tamtech RC car body on a curbside chassis. For this reason the radiator intakes in the door are very shallow. I love this car. Looking forward to your build.
  5. Dr. Trevorkian added a post in a topic What is this?   

    Herb Deeks is the manufacturer. It's sort of an improved Merit copy.
  6. Dr. Trevorkian added a post in a topic JBOT decals ?   

    They have essentailly said that on and off for the last 5 years. I have never received anything in less than 3 months. Nice stuff but don't be in a rush.