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  1. Are any online stores carrying the HRM line?
  2. What a great friend. I'm looking forward to this. Quite an interesting machine and kit.
  3. I have a set I can send you. DM me your address and I'll take care of you. Trevor
  4. I will NEED a copy of your fantastic work when/if they become available.
  5. Those are definitely the Tamiya version. Shoot me a message. I should have a spare. Trevor
  6. The Tamiya Porsche 956 and Hasegawa/Revell Porsche 962 have flat fans. Conical fans are in the Revell/Monogram Motorsport Mustang, Tamiya Zakspeed Capri and the new Beemax 935 K2. I don't know of a specific AM source.
  7. The kit wheels and tires are beautiful but the more I look at them the more it is apparent they are wrong. The overall diameter is correct but the wheel is too small as a result the tire sidewall is too tall. In addition the tread is incorrect and far too priminent. The replacements from the Profil24 Renault 40 CV are much better but the tread is still not right. The only tire I could find that has the correct tread was the Monogram T35 but they are way too small.
  8. After a week in Cuba I'm back at this thing. Fresh eyes and more internet research shows that the headrest shape is off. It is curved laterally but should be dead straight in profile. In addition the rear bodywork should taper behind the cockpit exposing the rear spring shackles requiring a wedge shaped cover to fair them in. I'm sure when this kit was mastered 25 years ago few of the currently available references were available. Now, to fix it or just build it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
  9. Resin bits have been washed for primer. I'll fill some pinholes and scuff it up beforehand. I plan to build mostly OOB but I will add a little detail around the back rocket engines. I'll also see what I can do about more accurate tires. Primed with Duplicolor Primer Sealer and pinholes filled with Tamiya Liquid Surface Primer.
  10. This is an extremely rare kit of the Opel RAK.2 rocket car. I've been searching for years and finally found kit #29/100! It's very cleanly cast and rather simple. Almost an oversize 1/43 kit. The wheels and tires in the kit are sourced from the Paul's Model Art Mercedes SSKL and are very nice. The tires however are too wide and have way too much tread.
  11. The restored car and period photos have it spelled "incorrectly."
  12. Is there any manufacturer info on the bottom of the vintage toy? I want to get my hands on one for a similar project.
  13. The short answer is no. Here in Tom Faletti's own words ... "The one constant in life is change, as we all know. Ed's(Spyder) wife is retiring this year and therefore he has decided to retire again. From ARM this time, rather than the Smithsonian. He has children and grandchildren scattered around the country and even in Europe, so there is much traveling in his future. I am moving forward with ARM, but as of 1/1/17 I have suspended retail operations so that I may devote more time to developing ARM's new products. In addition, I've had a few medical issues this past year with three hospital stays, so I am going to spend more time on my health and well-being as well as other issues in my life. For those still interested in ARM kits and accessories, you can order them through the www.micromark.com website as long as supplies last. They are mentioned in their catalog, but are only available for purchase from their website."
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