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  1. The carrier was DHL. USPS was not involved at all. Don't know if that makes a difference.
  2. A follow up: I did order from gravity colors in Spain. The order was placed on Sat evening and the items were at my door the following Thurs afternoon. Not bad at all! Communication with the supplier and the carrier was excellent. Packaging was thoughtful and all items arrived undamaged. I also ordered from MCW as I have many times before but this time I was in for a very pleasant surprise! The new owners have a website (though under construction when I ordered) from which I (we) can order online from! No more mailing in my order! Also they are accessible from their facebook page. So looks like I am covered for all my paint needs weather domestic, imports, nascar, F1 or anything in-between. And just to keep everything straight I am not in any way connected or affiliated with either company. I am just sick and tired of all of us losing money to these unethical jokers and wanabe business owners. If I try splash and zero paints i will post them also. Happy modelling!!!!!
  3. Wish you good luck. Get your money back if you can. Read of what I went through.
  4. Ordered on June 27th for the first time. The order was for $41+. Emailed the next day for the free bottle of paint for first time buyers. No response. A week later I googled Gravity and I found myself talking live with someone in Spain who is (was) apparently the parent company. This very polite person with excellent English explained to me that gravity USA is no longer associated with them because of their bad marketing habits and that they ship to the US by DHL and it takes only a few days to get my order. I told him first I must get my money back. After that I did some searching on the internet and confirmed all that he said. After many more unanswered emails I filed for a return with paypal and got my money back on July 29th. If I order from Spain I will let you know how it went. Right now I'm a little gunshy as I got burned before from other suppliers.
  5. I strongly suggest that you use a mirrored base display to show all your hard and awsome work. I am a believer of "just off the line" look, but this is out of the ordinary so far. Keep up the good work and lets see it finished. From a mustang lover!
  6. Beautiful and clean work on an equaly beautiful subject!!!!!!!
  7. Great build! Did you use clear over the decals?
  8. I got my Grabber Orange from MCW Automotive Finishes. I am sure he still offers it. Here is a link to their site. http://www.mcwautomotivefinishes.com/
  9. I vote for the Mach 1. A boss 302 with no shaker scoop just doesn't do it for me. Unless of course you do the required surgery. Or you can always do a custom 1970 boss 351. Look here for some ideas. https://www.google.com/search?q=boss+351+mustang&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=jcMwU8WhI8OCyQGp34HwAg&ved=0CCUQsAQ&biw=1280&bih=671
  10. photo sharing software Yes! Purple does look good on mustangs!
  11. Oh Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! It's turning into a plum crazy purple Mopar! Just kidding! I have nothing against Mopars!......! . Nice work so far! Your photos have some heavy shadows. Try moving around your lighting so the shine and body lines of the model show much better. (Just my 2 cents for what they are worth).
  12. I'm pulling up a chair!! Looking forward to the finish line!
  13. lambrakos

    Celica Liftback

    I remember how nice these cars looked. If you looked at them from certain angles they reminded you of a smaller '69/'70 Mustang. Especially when painted yellow with black stripes and trim.I also remember they were prone to rust very quickly, at least they did here in New England. Great job on your built. Love those clean lines and flawless shine.
  14. I don't like enamels either. That smell is too much. When your'e at the shop check out the Tamiya and Testors lacquers (clear coat also) in spraycans. Testors has original colors for muscle cars of the 60s and 70s. Neither one needs a clear coat. Just a good wetsanding with a fine sandpaper and then wax it just like your real car. If you do use clear over the decals be careful as it might atack them. Do very light mist coats. Hope this helped!
  15. If you are looking to make a model of the nascar cars of the past few years you might be disappointed as no big company like revell or amt makes them. There are some resin limited productions by smaller companies. But if you are looking to do a 2007-8 or prior to, then you will not have a problem. There are plenty of kits and after market decals. A quick search on google will turn up hundreds. Also ebay is a good start and reference on what's available. Keep on modelling!!!!!
  16. After a disappointing first try to build this kit I put it away. But now that you reminded me of it I pulled it out and it looks like I'll go for round two. I primered the body with white primer and tomorow I will start sanding. Surprised that you had a hard time finding one. They were dirt cheap on ebay a while back. I probably have a few in my stash. Keep up the good work! .... and lets see it finished!
  17. Nice paint job especialy in the fading. Which kit did you use. I have the decals in my stash so maybe some day...........
  18. Looks like another great resto is comming our way. Keep up the good work Al. Anxiously waiting to see your choice of color and your trademark great finish.
  19. Just like your Toronado a flawless paint job. What paint do you use. MCW is my choise.
  20. Nice and clean work. I like the wheel rims and the flawless paint job. I don't see any out of scale metal flakes in the paint so I assume you did not use a spray can. Everything looks realistic.
  21. Thank you for the tip! I'll look into that.
  22. Nice work! I wanted to do a 77 Cougar XR7 using a Tbird. You just proved to me that it could be done!
  23. Nice and clean. Hope mine turns out like that!!
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