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  1. Thanks for your comments I will post it on under glass very soon
  2. This is the first hot rod I've made so hope you like the work so far just piecing it together just to see how it looks thanks for your time and comments welcome
  3. I need one but live in the Uk and it is so expensive for shipping please help
  4. Very nice RudyI was in hamilton not so long ago I did the military tattoo last year
  5. This is my version of the 1941 chevrolet old timer. A truck that just keeps going and wont lay down and just die no matter what the weather it just keeps delivering in more ways than onev
  6. Very nice I think the windshield adds to character
  7. Cheers JT yeah im the same with kits your end I was looking at a cap from chevy mart for example and a$ 30 cap is fine but they want an extra $90 on top just to send it to the uk
  8. Cant believe its an Amt model looks amazing
  9. Thanks james yeah the seats took alot of time to be honest iv only been model making since October 12 so still learning alot
  10. This is my london routmaster by revell I made it for my dad in the end hope you like happy 2014
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