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  1. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Hi Scott

    Very nice!!!!!!!!!!! Try Brady at scale auto works.. he might be able to get it or From what I was told some of his products are pretty good
  2. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    It's a new kit unbuilt. Got a good deal from Brady at Scale Auto. I put it on hold for a while. I decide to go for broke (in the piggy bank) and waiting for the Autograph trans kit from Brady. So it's on hold till I pay the trans kit off it some EZ payments .
    So it decided to start on the Mercedes 500K Sport Roadster with some upgrades that are more affordable.
    It's the old version new in box never opened
    So I think I will post pics and info on that.

  3. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Well it's done. It was a fun body. Fit and finish of parts was very good. Instructions at this can be confusing, since Pocher had at a few steps reverse the parts and were they go.. test fit every thing twice before you paint or do the final assembly. I would highly recommend the DVD from Paul Koss found on ebay. It was a great help in extra detailing and correcting some of the instruction mistake.
    Thanks for all your replies and comments.
    If any one is interested in my next build is going to be the Pocher F40. Let me know if any one would be interested in following it.
    Any questions you have feel free to e-mail me direct at


  4. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    I got mine from scale auto works. Brady was great to work with and has better support than Hornsby. It is done I will be posting more pics Monday evening.
  5. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    More progress over the last month. Almost at the finish line.

    ENGINE Assembly was straight forward without any problems. The engine offers a lot of opportunities for extra detailing. My decision was to concentrate on what can be seem, since most of the engine can’t be see once assembled.

    The intake cover on the real car is a texture finish. I first finished the Lambo script with BMF.
    I then applied two light coats of Rustoleum fine texture finish. After is dried I wet sanded the script to remove the paint. It seems to match well for the scale.

    Did some detailing of the bolts on the valve covers using a fine point silver paint marker.
    The engine and trans were painted with Alcald.

    I used several different shades of Alclad for the exhaust system.

    For the heat shield I used a cloth type bandage then painted it silver and added some metal furnace tape to wrap the ends.

    Brake lines where made using heat shrink tubing. It works great if you first shrink. It bends much better.

    Not much left to go so it should be done by the first week of April.

    Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.


  6. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Made some major progress

    Lights There are 9 lights that can only fit one way. This part was a character builder for sure and they do not give you any extras if you send it to carpet hell.
    Used a white tacky glue to set in place then sprayed the entire assembly with a clear gloss to help hold in place. I did this before the head light and light bar were installed
    The "Y" shaped light bar is clear and would not be visible with a black background. I tried some silver paint on the back side, but it did not look good. I then used BMF which worked better.

    Hood The hinges will rub against the body when closed so I used some clear tape were the hinges rest when the hood is closed to protect the black paint.

    Trunk The trunk insert is to be screwed in place and not removable. Used the mod provided on the Lambo build DVD to make it removable.

    Windshield The top side has a protective cover on the top side ..... that stays on till the build is done. All the clear plastic for windows is secured with double face tape that is on one sheet in template form. It work great for the side windows and part of the door glass. The verdict is still out on the windshield.. the black trim on all glass is pre-finished.

    Doors First thing is the instructions have the part number for the left and right hinges reversed. The hinges can only fit one way on to the body since they are spring loaded for the door to swing up. Once I figured that out everything else went fine. The doors are lining up fine with the front half of the body so far.

    Rear Heat Shield I added silver duck tape to simulate the heat shield.

    Hope you enjoy the pics. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome


  7. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Front end is done. Jumped added to the front build

    Everything went together well. Did a few extra details.

    Added battery cable to the stock wire loom provided. I had to use some sheet styrene to fill in the opening for the batteries in the front.

    Used BMF on the shock pistons.

    Added the brake lines using 20 gauge wire, heat shrink tubing and some metal tape strips to simulate the compression fitting.

    Used the decal sheet from Paul Koo, since he provides the correct decals for the shocks and batteries.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


  8. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Interior is done.

    The seats are a soft PVC before painting I left them soak in a mix of water, dish soap and a little ammonia to release any residue. I then applied a coat of Vallejo air brush black as a primer. I holds up an did not lift off when tape was applied, then applied a mix of MM flat with a little gloss black.

    Decals for the steering wheel controls were from the Paul Koo set, since they are not included in the kit.

    I cut the carpet back to the slots so the side panels would fit in the slots properly.

    Pedals were sprayed with Alcald White Alum. The black grip pads were cut out from a template I made. I used 800 grit paper to simulate the glued on.

    Any comments or suggestions are always welcome.


  9. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Everything is moving along. Found a few mistakes in the manual.

    1 Seat belts in the manual show belts being attached near the door release. The slots for the belts are there so use those. Used a little whit glue to hold the bucket flat on the belt.

    2 Air brushed the interior of the body to make sure no white fro the body was showing through in particular around the door openings.

    3 Decals for the overhead light console just reverse the numbers in the manual for the correct direction. The center button decal is to large for the button so install as two separate decals to fit.

    4 The manual shows the Lambo script decal as #1 it should be #2.

    I replaced the felt carpet with one I got at JoAnn Fabrics for $1.39 a sheet. Two sheets are all you need . I like it better than the one I installed before form Ebay for a fraction of the cost. Easier to cut and trim has a little of stretch in case you need it and closer to the look and texture to the mats in the kit.

    I made some templates for the carpet and head liner if any one needs them, let me know.

    BFM was used for the door release and dash vents.

    Decals went on without any issues.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


  10. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Worked on the dash and interior.

    The carpet is from Paul Koos. I was going to use embossing powder or flocking, but I think this looks more to scale. It has an adhesive back on it.

    You have two dashboard options. Left or right. The wheels for the vent louvers are missing in the center and the engraving for the other two is not that good. I had a gear wheel from an RC heli. I opened up the vents on the dash and cut out the gears, keeping the center spoke to set it into the dash.

    All black parts were primed than air brushed using a mix of 1 bottle of MM flat black and 1/3 bottle of MM gloss black. Both acrylic.

    The steering wheel is 3 part assembly. Steering wheel and left side button console was sprayed with Alclad white alum. It matched the center console, which is pre-finished from Pocher.

    Next will be adding the gauge pod and all the decals.

    Any comments or suggestions are welcome.


  11. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Worked In the engine intake cover. BMF the used a mix of MM acrylic 2 parts flat 1 part gloss black. Have to go back and dot the "I" s


  12. crb1024 added a post in a topic Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete   

    Here are pictures of all the parts. Monday I will be posting pictures of the dash board with a few modes.

  13. crb1024 added a topic in Big Boyz   

    Pocher Lambo Aventador Build Complete
    Hello Group;
    It arrived. The box is large (24x21x16) weights in at 30+ lbs.
    All parts are sealed in plastic bags then wrapped in bubble wrap. Clear plastic has a protective film and paper to protect it in shipping.
    The body is sealed in it own shipping foam and separated from the kit parts.
    The manual is well illustrated and 36 pages long.

    I recommend the DVD on ebay from Paul Koos. It's loaded with extra info for detailing and assembly tips. Well worth the price.
    He also has some detail parts for the kit.

    Here is a web site for a super detail kit . I'm sure it won't be cheap.

    If any one is interested in this build let me know l try to post every few weeks and follow the assembly manual.


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  14. crb1024 added a topic in Under Glass   

    2007 Mustang GT500
    Not my best work on this one. Tried some weathering on the chassis (first attempt) Used decanted Testors Lacquer and CC.
    Any cooments or sugestions are always welcome.


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  15. crb1024 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    07' Mustang GT 500 rev 1/18/14 Quick Chrome Removal
    Finished the chassis and exhaust. Used several shades of Alclad on the exhaust.

    Interior is done used some embossing powder for carpet and rear shelf

    Stripped the wheels in toliet bowl cleaner did all in about 30min of soaking and no damage to the plastic

    Sprayed the wheels with a mix of 2/3 alum. and 1/3 chrome Alclad with no primer and it is not peeling.

    Added some BMF to the rear view mirror.

    Any comment or suggestions are welcome


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