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  1. Tony88 added a post in a topic My 'Harry Gant' Skoal Bandit build   

    Looks awesome. I meet Harry Gant years ago in Daytona, he was an awesome guy. That model looks really cool.That Monte Carlo was one of my favorite body styles in racing.
  2. Tony88 added a post in a topic Dale Sir '88 Monte   

    Pretty crazy on the details. It musta have taken you forever to do this car. Wicked nice job!
  3. Tony88 added a post in a topic Days Of Thunder cars , all of them   

    Really nice job on those Days of Thunder cars. I just bought all of the die-cast ones for the NASCAR man cave I'm building over here.
  4. Tony88 added a post in a topic Dodge Dart (completed)   

    The orange paint looks awesome.