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  1. YouTube has a lot of old racing , flag to flag in many cases , NHRA NASCAR IMSA etc , its a great resource , and awesome to put on at the bench.
  2. Cats shouldn't eat onions , just a heads up. Cats livers cant process an enzyme in the onions and it will poison their blood.
  3. @Jordan White , if this includes building in the style of , am i open to do a tacky monochrome 80s style older hot rod? think the Hot Rod mag version of the 55 chevy , that had zero chrome?
  4. I love this , the fade is great! The tail lights and the green around the antenna are great touches!
  5. I cant admit to being a "rat rod" fan , but this just seems way off the "rat" mark. it looks more like a hop up shop got lazy when the paint guy quit his job...
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