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  1. Dave Coley's Emporium has them in stock. Revell 4464 1:25 scale 1930 Ford Model A Coupe 2'N'1 Kit | REV4464 | 031445044649 (davecoleysemporium.co.uk)
  2. Great job! I built one for the Cannonball Run CBP a few years ago, it's a nice kit. I haven't started my build for this CBP yet, I need to pull my finger out.
  3. Although I didn't vote in the poll I must have had this at the back of my mind as I bought something from my birth year at a show today. My CBR completion rate over the years hasn't been good (3 entries, 1 completion) but I'll be making sure I finish this one.
  4. GOTTER DONE! Here's my Revell '65 Chevelle SS 396 Z-16. I did manage to get some glue on the vent window glass but apart from that it went together without any trouble. Another one off the bench and on display. 🙂
  5. I'm declaring my Chevelle done, I'll have finished photos up by Sunday. One question, is it midnight local time or Styrenestan time? Nice job on the Galaxie. 👍
  6. Great work so far, the extra detail will make a big difference. I built on of theses OOB last year, while it is a basic kit it looks like a BMW M1 to me.
  7. I did say when I posted my entry that I'd try not to leave it to the last couple of weeks this time. Well, that plan didn't work out as my mojo has been lacking over the past couple of months. Having said that there has been some progress over the last few days. The carpet has been flocked and the rest of the interior parts finished. I've also got the wheel trims painted and fitted.
  8. As previously mentioned, here's my kit for the buildoff. This is the version I'll be building. My original build was silver with dark green fenders but I'm thinking of changing the body color to light metallic green.
  9. Back in the late 70's I built the 'Early Iron' boxing of the Monogram '29 Ford Roadster Pickup in silver with green fenders which was one of the first US made car kits that I built as up to then the car models that I'd built were mainly 1/32 Airfix kits. While I don't have that kit in the stash all the parts to build a replica were included in the 'Blue Bandito' kit that was issued a few years ago. I actually bought two when it came out so that I could build both versions so this buildoff seemed a good opportunity to build it.
  10. While I don't have any Batmobiles I have got an AMT Street Fury that I built as a Joker mobile a few years back. Why should Batman have all the cool stuff? 🙂
  11. I've bought a few kits over the years to replicate models that I originally built back in the 70's and 80's so you can add me to the list. I'll have a look at my options and decide which one I want to build.
  12. Nice work on the interior Dave, the chassis weathering looks great too.
  13. Looks like an interesting build Tom. I'll be entering a Revell 1965 Chevelle that I started a couple of years ago and stalled a couple of months later. Not sure why as I'd done most of the hard work. I'll try not to leave it until the last couple of weeks this time around.
  14. Nice work so far. The paint looks great.
  15. Great build, the extra work you've put into it has really paid off. The slant six makes a change too, I guess this could be Granny's Charger. 🙂
  16. The Bad Medicine looks cool Dave, don't think I've seen one in black before. As it was finshed a few days late for the last round does this make it the first completion of this round? I'm in for this round, subject still to be decided.
  17. Thanks Tom. My completions for the last three rounds have been either orange or red so I'll see if I can find something a different color for the next round.
  18. I built the General Lee version a few years ago so I know all about the fit issues. It turned out OK in the end though. I look forward to seeing how you get on with it.
  19. Some better pics of the Ferrari. As you can see the tail lights are barely visible between the slats so I could probably have gotten away with not fitting them. Now, what to pick for the next round?
  20. Looking good Tom. It's probably it's the lighting but it looks a darker shade of red than it did in the earlier pics. I've managed to get five stalled builds over the line in the last four rounds that would probably still be in their boxes if the BOYD didn't exist. Who knows how many I'd have got done if I'd joined in at the beginning.
  21. Great job Snake! I've been busy with the Testarossa, painting more slats and grilles (never again) and adding the rest of the parts. The only thing I needed to add to the interior was the rear screen. One of the last jobs was to make a replacement mounting panel for the tail lights as the original had gone missing last century. I was able to use some styrene sheet to make something close to the orginal. A coat of satin black and it was ready to be fitted. Once that was done it was just a case of fitting the body and adding the exhaust tips.So, after 25 years, I finally gotter done! I'll try not to leave it so late next time but there's nothing like a tight deadline to focus the mind. 🙂
  22. The Stude is looking great with some color on it Tom. The Testarossa had a couple of coats of clear yesterday and today I've been doing detail painting on the body, which has taken some time as the are a lot of grilles and intakes that need to be painted satin black. Nearly there though so if it's not finished by tomorrow night it should only be a day or two late.
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