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  1. Thanks for the info, I will send an email if they don't have them listed by now.
  2. Great execution and creativeness. You can bring any other entry across the finish line after they blow up.😁
  3. I am looking to trade for a couple '59 Chevy PE kits. Maybe even three. 😁 Thanks
  4. Awesome detail on that Plymouth. Sorry, my Mustang never got off the ground. Due to health issues, I just couldn't get it started. I only built two models for the year, both community builds, I wanted this to be the third....
  5. That is a beautiful color, and the wheels really set it off.
  6. Looks like you won in the end. Some just don't want too get finished...hence the stack of unfinished builds in the stash. So who did you name it after....😎
  7. Thanks guys. Trying to clean up the bench....and the hot water heater just went on the fritz...😝
  8. Roger, here is the unfinished engine compartment. With the way I have been feeling this year, I just couldn't do everything under the hood that I wanted to. Eventually I will finish the firewall and install the radiator. I just love how it turned out otherwise. 😃 yes Bill, I started it in January but just couldn't get much done at a time. Thanks everyone, I really like how the overall package came together.
  9. Unbelievable. I have pictures of a friend's E-type that has a 5.0 ford in it.
  10. The pictures do not do it justice. I had the privilege to see this in person and it's unbelievable. The oil leak is the crowning touch.
  11. Here is my entry for this years Cannonball Run community build. The theme this year was a vehicle from the year of your birth. I started with an old built up that hadn't been painted. It was a challenge to take apart, but I managed to clean things up....or hide it. 😁 Revell kit, engine donated from a fellow builder, wheels from the parts box, exhaust and disc brakes from an AMT nascar kit. You can go here to see other finished builds....and a more detailed description of my entry. 😉
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