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  1. You are ambitious Tom. I think I have lost count again on what all is on your bench right now, 7 ? 😄 Great job on the shop by the way!
  2. Sam I Am

    New hobby room

    So I must be very fortunate to get one out of three. 😁 I know that I am because I have an awesome wife that let's me. 😍 I had time this week to find a door blank, and my youngest helped me tonight by holding the upper cabinets in place while I attached them to the wall. So far, thanks to repurposing, I am into the project a total of $20......if you do not count the cost of two weddings in five months...😜
  3. Most excellent! I need to tackle mine one of these days.
  4. These are all in a two block radius of each other. I bet none of them are for sale. Oh, there is a 67 mustang behind the 70. That is three gens in one driveway...
  5. Excellent! By following your wip, it motivated me to pick up a few kits of this era classics.
  6. Ohhhhh yeah! Really looking the part. Only that 57 gasser is way to shiney for that truck. 😄
  7. Sam I Am

    New hobby room

    I had hoped to have this done by the end of October.....but best layed plans and all that.....so I am just now getting going on it. My oldest son was married in September, middle son moved out and he just became engaged with wedding Feb 1st, and youngest son was visiting his cousin in Texas for almost two weeks so I dove into the project last week. Cleaned up the other bedroom and moved the youngest into it. Started shoveling and sorting through what was left behind by three kids and finally have made some headway on the model room/study. I had saved some upper and lower kitchen cabinets for my bench area and brought them in from the garage tonight. On this wall I will be mounting the upper cabinets against the ceiling with a space between them for shelving or corkboard and the lower cabinets will have a 36" wooden door blank mounted on top of them for a workbench, leaving about two feet to the left of the bench for more shelving. Stay tuned for updates... Forgot to show what my current work area is, a corner of the breakfast nook with a 40" desk.
  8. You really captured the look and feel of this iconic car. Great job !
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