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  1. I really like how you have modified the original kit so as to reproduce these other models.
  2. Ditto for building them in the 70's with my dad. Might even have a pic or two taken by my mom doing so. I have all the Model A's, a few 32 Chevys, Duesenbergs, Packard, and now a couple Model T's. I should really rebuild one. Definitely following your build.
  3. Thanks William. I am going to look through things one last time before giving up completely. I had forgotten just how easy these kits are. I may want to build more of them. 😄 Chassis is all painted and up on all ten. only thing slowing this build down is waiting for paint to dry. Everyone needs to do a low stress build once in awhile. Very refreshing.
  4. If you strap your brand new 82 in flat-screen to the top of your jeep....you might be a redneck.
  5. Are the pleats done yet? You said the seats only took 15 min. 😛
  6. This thread brings back some memories. I built two of the Monogram Camaros and both the Monogram 57 hardtop and Nomad. Something about those old Monogram kits from my youth. I traded for three old Camaro build ups and a 57 hardtop. Now all I need to find is an old buildup of that Nomad.
  7. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. I have a sealed bag Flareside and want to trade straight across for the short wide box. My father in law just bought a Mercury M-100 and I want to build one to match.
  8. Exactly my thought. Really out of proportion in kit form. Great job. 👍
  9. Looks great. Any chance of getting my green one back? 😄
  10. I feel a bit better now that I have the cab and nose mocked up (probably just the bourbon talking"). If anyone is good with making decals, let me know. After I get the green on the cab, I will need a bright yellow O and the words "QUACK ATTACK" 😉
  11. Well, I am not happy with how things are turning out, but will finish it nonetheless. I couldn't figure out why my yellow chassis parts looked like I used three different color primers under them when I know I didn't. Turns out that the third partial can of Tamiya yellow was slightly different. So I ended up with the original yellow on some, blended yellows on some, and different yellow on others. Fortunately, the cab, nose, and deck plates will be out of the same can. The green will be tied into the stripes on the cab. I think I am done with yellow for a while...
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