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  1. I like this a lot ! Great idea on that front lower ramp, makes it more realistic.
  2. Ricky, did you tell her she can have the decals and box back? 😀
  3. Almost forgot to thank Oldmopars for another great trade. Highly recommended.
  4. I also have used techniques from model building on the 1:1 as well. My favorite was the instrument housing on a 63 Fairlane. I thought I had pics of the actual cluster but this is the best I could find. Let's just say that it is a little difficult to source parts for a 62-3 Fairlane. We were rebuilding this 63 for a customer and the housing for the instrument panel was in really bad shape. Originally chrome, it was dull on the places it had not worn through to the plastic underneath. I told my boss I had an idea... I disassembled it, dunked the housing into everyone's favorite paint stripper, primed it with tamiya ,wet sanded with 600, and painted it with tamiya silver leaf. I also cleaned the instrument faces with a cotton swab soaked with novus #1, and polished the clear plastic panel that goes between the housing and gauge panel with novus products as well. In the picture (which does not do it justice) , the panel to the right is factory aluminum with chrome trim. It really looks good and blends well.
  5. After a flurry of trading with fellow members, this is what has been added to my stash.
  6. Right back at both of you, as well as scott8950, and randyc
  7. Watching this one, that's for sure. I have this kit in my '59 collection and am wondering how to build it.
  8. Love that color, and still amazed at how well detailed and accurate that 312 is. You sure are making it "pop"
  9. Flat black primer with red steelies is something that never goes out of style and looks good on just about any old car.
  10. Georgous Cougar. It looks like a 1967. It also looks like some sort of badge on the rear quarter panel because it is not the correct shape for the '68 side marker light.
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