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  1. What really gets me is when I keep forgetting to unsubscribe to this thread every time I get a notification. 🙃
  2. I think Tom is more of an antique than a classic. 🤣 Did you try the mirror. 😁
  3. I don't know if this helps or not. My sister lives in eastern Wyoming on an 11,000 acre ranch. Elevation of 5000 ft. The county is 2300 square miles with roughly 750 miles of gravel roads, many times over compared to the two highways that bisect the county. It is ranch country, so the vehicles drive over many square miles of high desert grassland as well. During the recession we moved there because I had family, and a job offer. We lived in the county seat(population of 1400) and I worked at the only bodyshop in the entire county. So conditions are similar or slightly harsher than yours. We put, at minimum, 400 miles a week on our main vehicle (1996 Suburban because we had three kids) not counting any other local mileage. I saw every type of vehicle come through the bodyshop and knew almost all the ranchers, and what they drove. Bottom line, every one of them went through suspension and steering components. It's the price you pay for maintaining your vehicle under those conditions. I will let you know that there were very few Toyota or Nissan pickups/suv of any model because they could not survive the harsh life of the combination of ranch and gravel road use. Your daily commute seems to be easier than some, even though you live in similar conditions as far as weather and roads. So what I would recommend is that you find a vehicle that you know is reliable, gets over 20 mpg, (gas isn't cheap right now) and is as inexpensive as possible to maintain, because no matter what you choose, you will be doing the same maintenence. If you are happy with your Toyota, it's a known commodity, and the peace of mind that comes with being confident in the brand, as well as being cheaper to maintain than other vehicles, then stick with a Toyota. I also know, that under the conditions where I lived in eastern Wyoming, and I repeat, UNDER THOSE CONDITIONS. You will not get the same results from a Jeep.
  4. The fathom green was the second one I liked.
  5. I really like your choices for wheels and paint. Have you thought about polishing the brass instead of going chrome. Also, take a scrap piece of wood, thin out a little of the body color (real thin) and do a wash on the wood. A friend of mine did this with his '57 Chevy pickup wood bed pieces. It looked really nice with the wood having a slight tint of the body color.
  6. Strange little car, but you are a strange little man. 😃
  7. I am amazed with not only the detail, but the patience needed for these small scales. I am sure nerves of steel are needed as well. My hands might shake a bit too much at times, but I have been tempted to try my hand on a 1:43 subject.
  8. Now that is definitely one you don't see everyday. I happen to like it. Nice job.
  9. You and me both. 😎
  10. It may not be the fastest entry, but with that extended range fuel tank and 4x4, it is definitely able to take plenty of shortcuts.
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