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  1. Nice work! I really love tans for some reason on these big rig interiors.
  2. The reason why I asked is that the dump truck that I am building without the bed was a two axle, and this one that I picked up many moons ago, is a three axle. So I wondered if there were two different issues.
  3. First, looking great Brian ! Second...confusion...I have a couple of these dump trucks, did they offer two different ones? One with the third axle and one without?
  4. I want to see what is under all that paint. 😄 Do you have enough purple power to dunk it all in? Maybe while it is soaking you can post up pics of the rest of your haul.😉
  5. Alex, it's great to see your work once again. It has been way too long for me.
  6. Still available... I also found these after scouring the rest of the parts boxes. The other metal axle, roll bar, one side window louver, optional custom grill, chin spoiler, rear spoiler, and rear bumpers.
  7. Nice blending of the interior.
  8. Super clean build and love the color combo. Looks like whatever curb you hit that knocked the toe out also chucked a wheel cover. 😉
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