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  1. I have been a buyer/seller on Ebay since 2000, with over 1500 transactions and feedback of 100%. As a seller I can pretty much list an item anyway I want and people know they can count on me. The last few things I have listed, I went the BIN route. I researched sold items to get a fair price that I could live with, added in a shipping price that covered most of the US, and added free shipping to the auction. What it did for me was eliminate all the questions from buyers, and sell the item quickly. Already had it boxed, just had to drop it off at the post office. The last items I listed were higher end stuff and while I made off really good, the buyers were very happy as well. As a buyer, I like BIN for most things. Look for a fair price that includes shipping and it's in the mail to me the next day. If it's something I really want, and it is rare, I am more than happy to try and snipe it at the last second.
  2. Sam I Am

    Big V8s

    Just found this thread. Those are awesome models! I have no clue where one would display those huge kits. Really looking forward to seeing the rest get built.
  3. That interior looks great Tom.
  4. WoW ! Those are beautiful builds ! I love the classic lines of the 40. Some people prefer the 32, some the 33-4, some the 36, but not me. 40 is where it's at.
  5. All I can say is WoW!....again. 🍿 is ready.
  6. I built this one as a kid as well. I might even have a couple wheels left from it.
  7. This is just an amazing build. I love this era of automobiles and will continue to follow your progress all the way to under glass.
  8. Very ambitious. 😁
  9. They would move even faster if you put a bull bar on it. 🤣
  10. Minor Snake fu and it will be a winner. Maybe a medium gray on the wheels.
  11. Looks sweet Tom! I love the looks of this car and have a few in the stash myself.
  12. You are not nice Tom. 😝 I was looking through my parts boxes for a single hubcap that another member needed and had a squirrel moment thanks to this thread. All I need are a couple frames and bodies. Oh, and yes I found the hubcap.
  13. My sieve of a memory worked for a change. lol I will send it off to you.
  14. Sam I Am


    I have owned rear engined VWs, Fiats, a Renault, and 1st gen Corvairs. The Corvair was by far the safest. I have always ignored both Nader and his soapbox when it came to the Corvair.
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