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  1. First off, a big thanks to those who have helped me get the part needed to complete a build. Here is what I am still looking for. After cleaning up and sorting through the stash, I need a few parts to complete some builds. This is what I am looking for, and I do have stuff for trade. 1- Two uncut hoods for AMT 59 Elcamino... 2- AMT 1970 Monte Carlo front bumper 3- MPC 1969 Barracuda hood 4- Rebuildable/partial built AMT 71 Duster 5- Top for Monogram 1980 Ford Bronco 6- Johan 69 AMX tail light Hopefully I have the part you need in trade. TIA, Sam
  2. Good ! I built that 41 Plymouth when I was about 13, and the 49 Ford when I was about 18. Other models came and went but for some reason I have hung onto these. The Plymouth and the 67 Chevelle have both been put in the purple pond. 😄
  3. You want to trade it to me for something Bill? Seems like they all are finding me somehow. 😂
  4. Go grab a can and feel the love Tom. I get that, it seems that a number of times 4-5 members will all post a new build and it's the same kit, and it isn't even a new release. Just call me "Jade" Oh yea, it is a very transparent and heavy paint. Very easy to get impatient with it. Both of mine have sags in them and two of the ones I traded for are a little heavy in areas while the third one is light because its thin. lol Yea, something about that color is contagious. I painted a 39 Chev delivery, and one other model that I can remember.
  5. Baby steps. I have been able to finish up the axle assemblies and repair the wheels. I also was able to make a trip to Michael's and pick up some basswood strips.
  6. ...and me ! I figure every one of us have painted a model with Testors jade green metallic in our lifetime. The last two weeks I have felt like the jade green metallic magnet. It started out with me unpacking a couple old builds from my youth, a 41 Plymouth and a 49 Ford. Then I did some trading and ended up with a 60s Dodge pickup, 67 Chevelle, and 66 Chev pu...all in, you guessed it, jade green metallic... I am almost afraid to keep trading.
  7. I am jealous. Dont laugh too much but back in high school, one of the cars I owned was a 73 Pinto with factory sunroof and trunk. 2.0/4spd, with a webber conversion and header. Stiffer shocks, and aluminum turbo IIs mag wheels. A very quick little car that handled like a slot car. A model of one would be cool.
  8. I have been corresponding about one kit. He always responds within a day or two.
  9. Is that Pinto a hatch or trunk model?
  10. Thanks for the pics. I went to the museum when they held the first model show there. Do they still do that in February?
  11. So I decided to rebuild...or Snakefu...this old diecast I have been hanging onto since 1998. So far I have it blown apart without damaging anything. I need to go dig up a larger drill bit to get the glass off. Plans are to repaint and detail a little better than the factory did, maybe change out the wheels and lose the bank parts. Like I said, I have been hanging around this section way too much.
  12. Found them, and the tires just went in the pond. I look at the colors I painted this and the wide whites....man what a pimpmobile...
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