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  1. That's what happens when you let a salt flat racer get in the way. 🤣👍
  2. BRBO International Paystar 5000

    That is so cool! Looks awesome!
  3. B.R.B.O. cruiseliner daycab

    Looking sharp!
  4. BRBO International Paystar 5000

    I have the Italeri conversion kit with the crane. After seeing yours I am thinking of adding it to my Bison. I I know it is not the same quality but it will help fill the void between the cab and trailer. Thanks for the idea.
  5. 1959 Ford T 950 Super Duty Dump

  6. Help identifying a resin KW

    Thanks Brian! I went a searching and found this site. http://www.kws900.com/ It looks like this is the 102 in version. ......hmmm, too many ideas. lol
  7. Help identifying a resin KW

    I have been sorting through my big rig stash for the first time since the move....about four years ago. I had forgotten this cab. I usually keep all pertinent info together but not this time. Other than being a Kenworth, I have no memory of what it is, but it has a really short hood. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Brockway 457 Daycab

    That is a cool subject Brian.
  9. Bill Elliott transporter questions

    I think this is what I will shoot for since I have an Aeromax kit and the trailer and car. All I know is I must not have been entering the correct info when I searched years ago, all I found were pics of the trailer. Kerry, this is one in a long list of projects. Dave, heck of a neighborhood to grow up in, for sure! Force, thanks for all those great pics and info.
  10. Bill Elliott transporter questions

    Auto fill and in a hurry are not a good combination. Thanks for catching that. Kerry, I am glad to see the Aeromax since I have one in the stash. Even with the discrepancies in design with the AMT trailer, I am sure I will be pleased with the overall effect. Thanks everyone!
  11. A couple of questions regarding the Bill Elliott transporter. 1) what tractor towed the trailer? I googled the race team/transporter/ tractor and really could not tell exactly what it was....other than a Ford I presume. 2) is there room in the transporter for two cars, stacked I would presume... You notice I do not say "assume".... Thanks!
  12. That truck looks awesome! I will be blatantly plagiarizing some of your details in future builds.
  13. Upcoming Moebius Ford Pickup Box Art Model?

    I am excited, that will be a piece of cake to turn into a unibody!
  14. How do you display your rigs??

    Thanks Jim. I wanted something that would be nice enough to incorporate into any room in the house. My wife actually let's me have them in the living room.
  15. How do you display your rigs??

    I am also going to have this case copied. It should hold six tractor/ trailer combos with an additional tractor on each shelf.