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  1. WoW WoW Wowser WoW !!! I want the real thing in my garage! I can hardly wait to see what you are going to build next.
  2. That is one sweet model A. With all your great builds, I just want to know what's next so I don't miss it. 😁
  3. Told you I need to come up and organize everything. 😁
  4. Where did you get this one Snake? I LOVE it !!
  5. Who ya gonna call? Brizio! I wish my mind worked just a little bit like yours. 😄
  6. A factory hood would be just fine Snake, this kit is made up from about three different issues and the body is a roadster. It does have the 427 in it. 😁
  7. Very good, thank you. My son still wants a Vespa. 😁 Hopefully we can see each other again at a show next year.
  8. Hey Brizio ! Glad to see one of your builds again. I saw this thread last week and thought of you. 😁
  9. I need a hood for this model. It has been reissued a few times so I am hoping someone had one in their parts boxes. Let me know what you need in trade. TIA Sam
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