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  1. That works both ways. 🤣
  2. Good idea. 👍 I have been plugging away at the trailer and will have the basic shape assembled tomorrow. I am going with a gray chassis on the truck to tie everything together.
  3. Ok, I have the rest of my parts in. I did some trading for a complete kit and extra decals, etc. I even ended up with an old build-up that is great for mock ups. So I will be changing out the Mustang body for this. I was looking through the stash for an unrelated build and came across this basic builder Gremlin....the perfect disguise!
  4. I built the Peterbilt version of this kit years ago as my first ever big rig. They really go together nice.
  5. Truckers always keep the cab shiny. 😄 The chassis has to match the engine. 😄
  6. My hat's off to your shop crew. For a case of beer they really produce!
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