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  1. That is beautiful.... I definitely see some things I will be steal...I mean "borrowing" for future builds.😁
  2. Thanks everyone, it was an enjoyable break from a normal build.
  3. Pulling up the popcorn...two bags. Jeff, if you seal the molded in color body with silver paint, it won't bleed through.
  4. Great paint! I really am looking forward to seeing how the chev and 53 ford turn out. Interesting color choices.
  5. Looks great Al, I have seen these transported on the interstate for years. You need one or two more and the tow rig. 😁
  6. I still have the blue '32 as well. I am sure it will need a few parts also.
  7. This is what many would call a true survivor. With the two piece tires, I believe it is an original issue. It is also a community build. Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it took a forum to build a car. I traded for it from Modlbldr. It was in pieces...and missing pieces. Thanks to him, thatz4u TruckerAl, and ewetwo for donating the needed parts. The ob layed down a gold basecoat followed by transparent red to create a true candy apple red. All I did was lightly polish it after thoroughly cleaning all the parts. I added wash to the grill, the engine came from the parts box.
  8. Un-be-liev-a-ble !! You have vision, and combined it with flawless execution to create a drop dead gorgeous car that will be the envy of any show you bring it to.
  9. No problem, I can do that later today or tomorrow.
  10. That is awesome looking. Definitely following this one.
  11. That is beautiful. I butchered one as a kid. I just recently picked up a rebuilder and hope to do a better job this time around.
  12. Beautiful build. As someone who is a fan of Mustangs, I see a few old friends in your lineup. Having owned a 95 convertible I can tell there is something off about the model, but a beautiful build non the less. We have owned an 83, 85 convertible, 95 convertible, and currently a 97, also have a 66 project that I am seriously considering putting the 5spd, and 8.8 disc brake posi in out of the 97.
  13. Here is my in-laws Sunliner. Running an early 70's 351c/C6.Taken in Oct of 2005. Funny how things have changed. The whole family is in the pics. Two oldest boys are now married and mom-in-law is no longer with us. Car is waiting for me to install its new distributor. If you need any detail pics, pm me.
  14. Here is one of mine. I am going with a pre-runner style since so much is missing. I already started on the hood. It had the blower hole cut out and I had an extra scoop.
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