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  1. chevy263 added a post in a topic Thunderbolt finished   

    Nice work on the undisputed imo King of musclecars thanks for the pics
  2. chevy263 added a post in a topic this one bites ! caution cooper head snake inside   

    Awesome work great color and hood
  3. chevy263 added a post in a topic Something cooler...   

    thats just unreal well it looks real but its unreal great work !! ?for you I've seen the altenator master cylinder now this what are you making ?
    thanks Rob aka chevy263
  4. chevy263 added a post in a topic Custom Pro Street Hearse..... New pixs 4-17-06   

    Nice hearse i like it nice work too !!
  5. chevy263 added a post in a topic Resurrecting a Penske PC6   

    nice work i like it i have an old indy car i built yrs ago also thanks for the insparation 8)
  6. chevy263 added a post in a topic I'm new here.An intoduction and pics of my favorite build   

    nice build !!thanks for the pics great lookin motor
  7. chevy263 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    41 willys PIP
    Im Rob aka chevy263 heres my newest PIP. I hope the pics come out good if not I'll just keep trying The front tires and all the wheels are heading for the parts bins.The willys is back in the paint booth for a 4th and final ... I hope coat of candy blue. The motor is drilled for wires I have no idea where im going with decals on it :? I'll keep you all posted thanks for lookin. Rob aka chevy263

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  8. chevy263 added a post in a topic My chopped, sliced and diced 40 Ford......   

    Great work !! talk about scrapin hehe the penny under the nose of the car is too funny :shock: and the Mods to the body look great the suede 40 ford in the background is great also.
  9. chevy263 added a post in a topic How about a little nascar????   

    Nice work congrats on a great build looks like you took a shrink ray gun to Richards car
  10. chevy263 added a post in a topic Ok, here's my take on the 289 Cobra   

    Hi Rob here aka chevy263 what a nice clean build the exaust looks soo nice poking out the bottom the paint and decals are awesome and that motor is super clean!! thanks for the pics.
  11. chevy263 added a post in a topic As requested, here's some more scratchbuilt goodies...   

    Im totally speechless that is awesome work I've been building for
    20 yrs or so and ive never seen that caliber of building.
    Rob aka chevy263
  12. chevy263 added a post in a topic My 1961 Buick Surfer car **IN PAINT NOW**   

    Nice Work and vert cool subject matter gotta love an old wagon
  13. chevy263 added a topic in General   

    chevy263 new here Hi
    hi im new here im Rob aka chevy 263 im mostly into dragsters AWB cars
    and early 60s muscle see you all on the BB
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