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  1. great job on the flip nose looking great so far what paint going to be
  2. hay yanko i like it bro looking great cant wait to see it all done
  3. dragzz

    1951 mercury

    hello randyc in this casting is not vary good at all iam going to have to fix i will show some pic as soon as i can u will see what i mean ok
  4. 1951 mercury this will be just a repaint on it here a pic of it did look like
  5. looking great nice clean work u have done there
  6. ok here it is all done now .its now on display at lordco for all to see here some pic of it
  7. got some more done to the 41 i got the wiring done and rad lines just about done here some pic
  8. hello 10thumps what iam trying do with the 1941 is do the same paint job as the 1960 was back in the day yes i do know what u mean by todays looks. but this going by the the old day .thank u for the info
  9. thats a great thot candy must try that on the next one tys yenko
  10. well i found some more of the same nail polish that i was using for the paint took a bit to find it but i got it so i got the hood and doors all in paint and cleared came out looking great here some pic i took out side of it
  11. dragzz

    AMX II

    thats look way better nice work
  12. thats looking really good now
  13. its just like the same as the pic i put on there at least u got to see what its llike good job buddy now get rid of thos lol cant wait to see more work done to it keep up the great work
  14. hi lance thats a nice build u have going on if it was mine id take off the fender skirt thats just me. good luck with the build hope to see more hope this pic helps a bit
  15. hi david its 1/18 scale i wated to make the paint look just thay in the 60s
  16. yes lance it does i will take some pic of it out side i did the paint as it was in the 60s thay use metal flake back in the days
  17. just doing this for a friend i just did the repaint and going to do the wiring on it for him and run the lines . the paint i use was nail polish then did 3coats of clear it came out look great let me know what u all think here some pic
  18. sorry for hes loss thats a vary nice way to rember him by doing this the 40 is looking great
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