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  1. More pictures.Due on sale in September.
  2. Looks very promising.Seperate headlight parts so Series II could be next. Picture courtesy of UK retailer Jadlams Facebook page.Including wonky tyre
  3. Two versions listed for pre-order, 07047 level 3 kit and 67047 easy click.
  4. Two easy fire truck improvements would be to cover the hardtop side windows and delete the spare wheel. Regarding the Revell kit there are a few retailers listing pre-orders for two versions, 07047 regular kit and 67047 easy click version.
  5. Now available,standard 2 door wagon kit with new decals and reworked sprue from the fire Jeep. https://www.italeri.com/en/prodotto/2767 https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Fire-Jeep.html
  6. Whether any of these new kits will ever appear is unclear. They were bought out and undergoing restructuring in March.
  7. Possible bad news,a post on the Britmodeller forum has link to documents which seems to suggest they have gone into receivership. http://www.societe.com/societe/heller-joustra-494261050.html
  8. If the photos used are correct the Porsche 934 looks to be way ahead of the Tamiya.Better headlights,wheels, correct tyres and all the sponsor logos. On the Jager picture it appears to have a seperate front hood and brake ducting,so possibly a full detail kit. Hopefully the arch extensions and air dam are seperate as well,making other versions a lot easier. Surprised that they started with this one but very good news for 930 series fans.
  9. Great in box review.It looks to be about 90% the same as the 1/24. Agree about the level of detail.Very much like a diecast in places. Good to see they are using a proper box an not the awful end opening carton. Two quick questions please,are either of the main floor/chassis parts twisted and is there a copyright date on them ? Thanks
  10. Whether that is the correct box size remains to be seen,but Heller list it as 56x38x10cm.Compared to the Revell VW panel van at 35x21x8cm ,about the same sized kit with more parts. At least the price is sensible and not Ebbro prices.
  11. On their website as being available from this week.Looks similar in style to the Renualt 4 Ebbro tie up.Split screen shown on the built up. The only negative might be the shipping cost in some areas .Size of the box is nearly two feet wide for a 1/24 van!
  12. According to their website,this should out 14-20th of this month.Looks like a really nice kit and very keen price.
  13. Heller have released the first pictures of the new HY van kit.It appears to include early and later body styles.Should be out before Christmas... Pictures taken from their Faceook page.
  14. The best online in the UK for recent US releases are Hannants ,Creative Models and Kingkit.For older and classics again try Kingkit or Pat at Collectakit.Lots of older and unusual stuff at sensible prices.All great traders to deal with. David
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