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  1. 96f150302 added a post in a topic New Moebius Ford Pick-ups 1971 Ranger XLT AND 1969 Custom SWB   

    moebius is a great company i have the hornet kit i tlked to dave burkett on accasions he is planning to do a 73-79 ford pickup after the 71 f-100 kits with accurate long bed lengths and a short bed version with six cylinder and a 302 v8 option and he he they are gonna do a new tooling of a 61-66 ford pickup as well he said they may dew a new 67-72 chevy pickup but i have enough of those already but looking forward to the 71 ford there never was a kit made of that generation truck
  2. 96f150302 added a post in a topic 1973 Diecast Ford F-100 1/25 Scale   

    well there is a sam walton 1/25 sclea diecast of his 79 ford f-150 with a straight six in it its very detailed but hard to find its as detailed as a franklin mint model
  3. 96f150302 added a post in a topic 1973 Diecast Ford F-100 1/25 Scale   

    they will i talk to dave burkett alot he is going to have them build a 73-79 ford pickup with the correct wheel base not like the amt camper special bed it will be in short and long bed versions and he say one is going to have an accurate 302
  4. 96f150302 added a post in a topic 1973 Diecast Ford F-100 1/25 Scale   

    your right the 68 chevys are very nice i'm glad they did the ford it has an accurate long bed better than the amt camper special bed i love the dodge ram van they do as well 1st gear is cool
  5. 96f150302 added a post in a topic 2000 Harley truck -Finished   

    i like the truck i wish mine came out that good but i liked this kit and the 97 stock version and the lightning i was curious why not go with the factor color black it looks like you went with 100th anniversary colors in 2003 two tone and you said the harley davidson f150 wasn't in supercab?