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  1. steven added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Revell snap peterbilt 359
    Hi everyone I am currently building the revell peterbilt 359 .While looking for a airfoil for the top of the sleeper in one of my many parts boxes I found a airfoil left over from either my amt peterbilt wrecker or from my amt peterbilt midnight express .  Is this a accurate airfoil ?  I havent seen many other 359 s using this foil ? 
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  2. steven added a topic in Truck Kits or Parts to Trade, or Wanted / Requests   

    1/16 Kenworth frame rail
    Hi everyone I am looking for a passenger side frame rail for a monogram 1/16 scale Kenworth kit number 2501. Also looking for 8 tires for this kit.  Does anyone out there make 1/16 scale truck  parts ? 
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  3. steven added a post in a topic Ford C1000 ? or Ford H series ?   

    With a sleeper that small I hope the driver was really short.
  4. steven added a post in a topic AMT Junkyard Dog   

    L heard the people at Mack were not at all happy when amt released the kit.
  5. steven added a post in a topic Race car hauler ?   

    You are right about the Ford LN8000 being out dated It first came out around 37 years ago I havent seen any new ramp trucks kits out but I havent really seen any current real race teams using them either except for maybe hauling a display car. My sugestion would be to go to galaxie limited s web page and check out their enclosed car trailers. The biggest one is I think is a 38 scale feet long fifth wheel. You can have a field day stocking/ detailing it. Add a one ton pickup to it and you will be set. If you are detemined to go with a ramp truck just find a one ton truck chassis and scratchbuild a ramp for it out of evergreen plastic.
  6. steven added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Amt Kenworth aerodyne
    Hi my name is Steve and I am currently building a amt cabover kenworth aerodyne kit number 6652 and I have a few questions first. What color is the transmission suppose to be? And. What year of truck is this? Last question which might sound dumb but.What color is the radiator suppose to be?Semi gloss black or match the Frame color witch in this case will be yellow frame. Any help will be appreciated thanks.
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  7. steven added a post in a topic So What is Your All Time Favorite Big Trucks   

    After seeing a new rootbeer color lonestar close up Thursday at a local international dealer it would have to top my list.
  8. steven added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    International 4300 Questions
    Hi I have two questions on the International 4300.First what was the available frame lenghts back then? Secondly how is the best way to get the measurments for the tall eagle sleeper ? Thanks Steve.
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  9. steven added a post in a topic Delivery Truck   

    Look like a fairly easy project. I remember at one time someone I cant remember who had the forklift /loader available it might of been kit form services or scale equipment ltd. maybe someone out there can help here ? What I learned when scratchbuilding a curtainside with plastic is to reinforce the roof lengthwise with some brsss or metal found at your hobby shop so your roof dont get the sags. Hope this helps Steven
  10. steven added a post in a topic Truck kits!!   

    Yes it is addiction /sickness After years of buying kits and storing them in 3 location around my house I decided one day to put them all in part of a walk in closet next to my hobbyroom I wound up filling the closet. God I realized I have 196 model kits to build lol. I will need to add more shelves in my hobby room to I have a feeling.Is there a cure ?
  11. steven added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Revell Peterbilt 359
    Hi everyone I am currently working on the Revell Peterbilt snap together 359 and I have a few questions. First I really dont like the look of the sleeper steps are these accurate for this vintage Peterbilt ? I am so tempted to remove them. The second Question According to Paul a old Unique trucker , I unload his newspaper roll truck once a month Paul says The Peterbilt engines those years were actually more grayish than white. What is a good color match for what I will call Peterbilt engine white ? Thanks in advance.
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  12. steven added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Dashboard detail advice
    Hi everyone One of the modeling goals I made this year to improve my dashboard detailing.Right now I just brush paint the gauges/vents they never seem to come out looking really good. What advice do you guys have at detailing them ? Oh I am currently building a stock amt ertl Peterbilt 359 .
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  13. steven added a post in a topic Question About Vintage   

    In 1973 the trailer you have was released with a single axle ford c600 as the tournament of thrills set.Its the same truck as the stake truck except the stakebed has a longer frame. If I remember right the stake truck kit also came with the short single axle frame included. If you arent interested in either the Ford or Dodge there might be something out in resin. Hope this helps Steven G.
  14. steven added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    Italeri dumper trailer
    Hey I was looking at the Italeri webpage and found a" Dumper trailer kit # 3845" listed . Has anyone built this trailer yet ? I am wondering if anyone has tried to americanize one yet .
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  15. steven added a post in a topic Seattle Fire Dept 1971 Kenworth pumper   

    Your trucks look great. They look just like the ones in Seattle s last resort fire department museum at old station 1.There is alot of cool old trucks there.