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  1. EL Sid added a post in a topic 50 Olds Gasser   

    your rust is great..with that much rust, the spare tire pan in the trucnk would most certainly be rotted thru.. probably the rear fenderwells too..I have a 50 dodge coronet that has thru rust in those places as well as the bottom of the doors and the lip of the trunk... great idea for a gasser!!!

  2. EL Sid added a post in a topic Rare Stp pontiac   

    Any interest in the richard/kyle dual kit?
    I have one that i will probably not get too. also have die cast stuff id like to let go of..
  3. EL Sid added a post in a topic 36 Ford   

    where did you find the bead lock wheels and hoosier tires? I have a 40 ford I want to do like that.. garage sale kit, no fenders
  4. EL Sid added a post in a topic my 50 ford truck WIP   

    Which kit is that from?