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  1. modelbuilder24 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    model master paint
    I bought about 40 bottles of model master paint and I got to say I love how they cover the parts so well and how easy the brush on. And their good air brush paints too. I will post pics of the engine Iam working on today.
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  2. modelbuilder24 added a post in a topic introduction   

    good way to look at it harry
  3. modelbuilder24 added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    1:570 scale of the titanic, 1:48 scale p-51 mustangB/C, 1:72 scale FAU-1 Corsair plus money for an badger patorit airbrush i been wanting. Santa was very good to me this year.

    Jokers goon car, 1941 chevy pickup, and rosco's police car

    Batman forever and Batman & Robin batmobiles revell 1:25 scale

    43 bottles of model master paint, 2 cans of grey primer, Tamiya extra thin cement, #2 xacto knife

  4. modelbuilder24 added a post in a topic introduction   

    Thanks Harry!!! For some reason i couldnt log in under my old user name, so i just created this one. I didnt have that many post. seems like everyone has been doing good.
  5. modelbuilder24 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Just wanted to re introduce myself, I been on the forum before we modelbuilder22 but for some reason couldn't log back in. Took a month long break from the hobby but been back buildin for about three weeks and reading the forum again. Hope every one had a great Christmas. I know I did I got 8 model kits, 43 bottles of model master paint, and money for the badger airbrush I want.
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