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  1. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic MPC Young American   

    That's really cool Tye! Nice paint job dude! I love this dragster and it does my heart good to see one built! Great pictures too.

    I was really happy to see this one come back...yay! I picked up a couple myself now that they're affordable.

    In my opinion, the long F/E dragsters were the pinnacle of drag racing. They pretty much lost their character once the engine was moved to the rear. I understand why they did it....but.......blah....
  2. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic AMT "BOSS NOVA"   

    Pete, that's totally wicked! What a cool paint job! And the stance is perfect too! Looks like a lot of work went into that puppy...I'm with Niko....the decals alone are worth that Model King Austin kit. Beautiful build sir.
  3. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Pro street willy?   

    The new Revell version is actually called "41 Willys Street Rod"....but it's pro street enough
  4. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Making Door & Hood Hinges   

    Or at least 950 more words!
  5. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Flipnose Hinge Tutorial: Gassers, Altereds, etc   

    Now there's something I can use!
  6. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Working on   

    John, that's one of my favorite kits! It's always great to see someone build one

    This is a beautiful build too! I'm inspired!
  7. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Pro street willy?   

    The AMT '40 Willys is so inaccurate that to me it's just not worth putting any real effort into. I mean it's ok for gasser type stuff but personally Jeremy, I'd recommend going with a Revell '41 Pro Street Willys....It's a hundred times more accurate than the AMT and it already has the pro street parts...you can always modify the Revell kit if it needs to be a '40. They're pretty reasonable on eBay...

    Just my two cents.....
  8. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Outlaw 10.5 / pro mod Corvette ZR1   

    Looks to me like you're doing just fine Pete! I love the chassis so far!

    I'm planning a new style pro mod (it will be my first of this type) and I found enough reference pics on line to pretty much build it as detailed as I could possibly want. There's definitely a pile of work involved in these cars so my hat is off to anyone who attempts the challenge!

    I'll be watching

  9. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Dual Batmobile Build - Dynamic Duo Duo (The Batcave CBP)   

    I always thought that the 66 batmobile was one of the coolest movie cars ever made!....(right behind "Dragula")....

    Those are cool builds Tony!

    Is it just me or has the boy wonder put on a few pounds?
  10. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic First Completion of 2013 - Porsche Boxter   

    That's a cleen little number! The wheels look pretty good on 'er too....
  11. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Rata-coupe   

    That's actually pretty cool Jeff! I never thought of using the Aluma Coupe as a Rat base....I appreciate the quick build and all, but man, that could really be a great all out Rat Rod....the idea has merit!

    Thanks for sharin' Jeff
  12. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic 1958 FORD - MODELHAUS RESIN KIT - FINISHED   

    Man, with the top down, I can almost feel the wind in my hair!.....except....I don't really have any

    That's a Cleeeeen cruiser Rich! The continental kit, skirts, hockey sticks and lake pipes are just what the doctor ordered!

    Nicely done sir!
  13. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Eddie Munsters C-Cab & Chopper   

    Now that's imagination James! I love the whole Eddie Munster theme!

    Of course the skeleton on the bike is the kicker! You did a great job on his pose....love the bike too!

    I think that's one of my favorite things about plastic....it's a great canvas for creativity!
  14. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic A/SR '32 Ford Roadster   

    That's a way cool build Tim! I love the mods on 'er man! I think my favorite mod is those headers....they give it a raw street freak look...perfect!

    Did you make 'um?
  15. Marty "Hatchet" added a post in a topic Street Roadsters, if you got'em...   

    Wow! Killer rods guys! I don't have any builds quite like these but now I think i'll change that!!!!