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  1. I too am having the same issue with my 1mm pen and also store mine the same way. The pen is less than 6 months old. My 2mm and 4mm do not have this issue at all
  2. Just wanted to bump this as I feel the Enthusiasts series is well worth it. Any updates?? I built this back in early 2015.
  3. It's been awhile but I felt that this thread deserved a bumped because of the photos being so helpful
  4. Anyone heard any answers as to why the discontinuation? We were never told it was a limited run, so what gives?
  5. Impala Boy, Where did you source the Good year tires from that you are using on this??
  6. Paint is Tamiya Italian Red over Pure White with TS15 Blue in the engine bay and underside
  7. Outstanding build Jason!! Where did you source the fittings and braided line?
  8. That's beautiful!! Glad to see that the kit does have potential. I also have the gasser version which I will definitely build
  9. Unclescott, their rarity or worth is not really important to me and I'm not looking to make a profit. It's just that I compete in shows during the year and at some point would like to enter these three vehicles, but only using kits of better quality.
  10. LoveFordgalaxie, Your trade offer is a nice coincidence!!. I actually prefer Japanese made kits over American kits
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