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  1. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Pro-sportsman Impala wagon... update Engine detail started...   

    Looks like a great start!
  2. Dragfreak added a post in a topic If money were no object, what car would you buy?   

    I can gladly say I already own the car I'd buy if money were no object. Fortunately, it was pretty cheap for what it is. I do plan to change a few things in the near future though, a 4 inch cowl hood, early fiberglass front end, and spindle mount Weld Alumastar wheels to name a few. I'm sure its strange that somebody would want a vega of all things, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

  3. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Revell & Foose poll for 2 new kits   

    I didn't vote as I'd rather see something else produced rather than a couple cheesy "customs." It's cool that Chip is supporting revellogram, but they should produce some kits that would actually be desirable amongst most builders, because let's be honest, I can't see any of these kits being wildly popular. That's just my opinion, and you know what they say about those...
  4. Dragfreak added a post in a topic What was your 1st 1 to car   

    I bought my first Vega on my own when I was 8, I worked my butt off for months doing yard work for neighbors. My dad and I began to search for a cheap project car and we found a 1971 Vega panel delivery, 1 of only 7,800 ever made. It was sitting in a barn surrounded by several old Mercedes and bikes owned by a WW2 vet. He forgot he even had it, I believe he had dementia. We struggled to get a price out of him, after several hours of repeated war stories he told me $300 and it's mine. This is how we found it sitting in the barn.
    It had a poorly swapped corvette 283 in it when we found it
    when we got it home

    After cleaning the half inch of dust it had accumulated since it was parked in the late 70's

    I was slowly plugging away at it, buying things when I could, with a little help from my dad. Here's when I was putting in the 357 small block

    Finally when an opportunity to buy my current vega came up, I need cash quick, so I was forced to sell it. This is shortly before I sold it.

  5. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Selling your builds?   

    Besides the lack of room for them, the main reason I'm trying to sell some of them is I need some money, during the summer I work full time but during the school year I really struggle to get by. Between being 16 and having a 8 second drag car and daily driving a gas guzzling truck with only a part time job working whenever I can, it's not easy getting by, having a little cash in my pocket would really help out right now.
    I want to say thank you for all of the replies to my questions. There were several great points given, if I do decide to list on Ebay, I'll take your advice for shipping. For the value, I understand the sentimental attachment from all of the hours put into it, and I think its absolutely true that I shouldn't consider the hours spent in determining the value. I appreciate the responses, I'll probably leave them on craigslist and spread the word of what I do and what I'm asking for them. Schools out June 9th so I don't have much longer till I start working full time at $11.75 an hour. for being in high school and not working at a fast food joint, that's pretty dang good!
  6. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Monaro pro street...Its Finished   

    Looks sweet Stan!
  7. Dragfreak added a topic in General   

    Selling your builds?
    As my shelves start to become overstuffed and crowded with models, I have decided maybe it's time to start selling off some of the nicer ones. I know it's quite obvious my builds are not professional, but I would say they're presentable. I've seen pro built models go for up to $300 I've posted one of my better builds on craigslist for $100 and after no interest I dropped it to $80 with still no interest. I figure with all the hours spent plus the materials ($25 kit, $15 in paint/clear, $10 aftermarket parts) my time and money has to be worth something. I'm scared to use ebay as I fear the model would get tossed around and beat up inside the box by careless UPS/FedEx workers (trust me, I know first hand how they handle boxes, especially if they're labeled fragile during the shipping process. For those of you who sell your models, how do you know their value? and how do you go by getting them to their customer?

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  8. Dragfreak added a post in a topic 1971 Vega Kammback   

    Looks good!
  9. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    If this is directed towards mine, let me know what else I can do, this is my first attempt at weathering.
  10. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Weld Pro stars/ Drag lites   

    I appreciate the offer Kris, There are a few other things I am in need of, I'll place an order in the near future. Thank again!
  11. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Cannonball Run 2015 " The Sleeperball"   

    I played around with some acrylics today...

  12. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Fairmont drag car build - Hub/hat/stud and trans tunnel update 7/28/15   

    Scott, great update, as always.
  13. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Weld Pro stars/ Drag lites   

    Kris, how deep are they? What I'm looking for is pretty much the exact ones that come in the funny car/pro stock kits. They are real deep in the rear and very skinny in the front.
  14. Dragfreak added a post in a topic Vega Kammback Dragster - "Mega-Vega!"   

    Nice weathering, it looks just like how my 1:1 looked after I pulled it from the barn it had been siting in since '77. same color and all. I'll be following along!
  15. Dragfreak added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Weld Pro stars/ Drag lites
    I know of several companies casting these wheels, but none I've seen come chromed. I know you can send them to a chrome plating company and they can do that for you, but I don't want the hassle and cannot afford that. I also have heard about spaz sticks and alcad for chroming parts with an airbrush but A. I don't have an airbrush and B. I'm sort of on a budget so buying the expensive aerosol cans won't work either. Is there anyone selling these wheels pre chromed? If not, my only option is to start trading with members of the forum.

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