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  1. cobramike added a post in a topic what i got for xmas   

    I have to admit, i'm not good at taking pics and updating models while working them. However I will try to keep this build updated for you Talon63.
  2. cobramike added a post in a topic what i got for xmas   

    I started it this morning, it's kind of weird that the top isn't attached, has tons of flash, the top has a tree attached to it that is tough as nails to trim off, also the body has a strange tree like bar attached to the visors and door top. Since the top isn't attached I will most likely make it a rag top. They looked so sleek and the lines were very beautiful on the 1-1 cars, but the top down really made these cars stand out. 
    It has the 390ci motor, a 428 could also be in this car. Same motors, just bored and stroked a bit.  Same carbs as well. the 428 had 435 HP compared to the 390 high compression motor having 315HP. The torque was very different though. 390 made 427 lb/ft the 428 made 462 lb/ft.  
  3. cobramike added a post in a topic what i got for xmas   

    I have liked the car since my parents bought one in 66. It just seemed to be so refined, stylish, modern, big, beautiful etc.  In fact my dad built a new garage just for that car. I used to imagine myself riding in a space ship while in the car.  Only time my fols drove it was on Sunday to show it off.  They took some long road trips with it too. My dad traded it in for a new 71 Galaxy 500.  Now that car was a BOAT!
    I have been lagging starting the build on this, I wnat to get it started because I am going to be laid up for 6 weeks with my right wrist being fused, so not much control of my hand. 
  4. cobramike added a topic in On The Workbench   

    what i got for xmas

    my wife got this for me for xmas!  
    What did you get?
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  5. cobramike added a post in a topic WIP Revell '70 Boss 429 Update 12/26   

    came sooo close to buying one when I got out of the Army in 69. The 69 was still on the showroom at a Ford dealer in S. Colorado. My dad wouldn't dare sighn his name to the paperwork. He said I would kill myself if I had that car and he would be stuck paying for a pile of mashed junk.  I was back working a good job at the railroad, could easily make the payments. The price you ask?  Would you believe it was $4,859.00. On top of that the dealer was a good friend of my parents and he was willing to take off $500.00 to seal the deal.
    Instead there was a well used '66 2+2 candy apple Mustang GT with 77000 miles on it...That's what my dad co-signed for. The cost of it was $2,250.00.
    I cry every time I look at the model I built!   
  6. cobramike added a post in a topic Chopped/customized 53 Ford Hardtop   

    I haven't seen any plasticote lately except in Ace hardware, and they didn't have any candy apple Red at all. That Chrysler is a thing of beauty!  Great job with that paint!
  7. cobramike added a post in a topic Chopped/customized 53 Ford Hardtop   

    The gold on your, that really pops!  Are you going to finish it in that gold or going back to red?
    I finished a 66 Fairlane recently with gold overlayed with testors 1605 gloss custom red. Yep, testors for that project so that I could get the gold to make the see thru red really pop out. It worked good. Not bragging though.
    The finished color was pretty cool looking actually. 
  8. cobramike added a post in a topic Chopped/customized 53 Ford Hardtop   

    Your exactly right about better paint jobs, and way more paint and it's about the same price as those small cans from Testors.  Bit limited on colors currently but I found that plasticote has some decent colors. Also I have decanted both duplicolor and plasticote and mixed my own colors. Just have to use the same brand, works great in my airbrush.  
  9. cobramike added a post in a topic what not to do   

  10. cobramike added a post in a topic 'Vette Trubute   

    I've seen this effect by using water then putting a bit of paint on the water and slightly move the paint around then dip the body carefully and the swirls etc look very cool. 
  11. cobramike added a post in a topic Revell 1949 Mercury - finished - now in 'Under Glass'   

    AWESOME CAR!  I really dig this car allot! You have to tell us how you finished that rear bumper!  Man this is SWEET!
  12. cobramike added a post in a topic SHELBY COBRA restomod >real alu dash>high gloss paint   

    this is looking like it's a fun build. I have one of those same kits, and the body and most parts had so much flash and twist in them it took an extra 20 hours at least to get everything to fit right. I built it stock, so I know what your having to go through.  I am not talented/bold enough to make the changes you have done.
    Very interested in seeing how this turns out! Time to up my game I think. 
  13. cobramike added a post in a topic Chopped/customized 53 Ford Hardtop   

    sad that the darn Testors spray can did that to you. I had the exact same problem tith Testors on the last car I built, I had to strip the paint 3 times, finally got fed up with the testors making a mess of my paint (i can do that on my own, don't need testors adding to my grief). So I bought some "Dupli-color" from the parts store, and shot it with that, NO PROBLEMS!  Came out like glass! Problem solved!  I am going to stop using Testors after this debacle.
  14. cobramike added a post in a topic Fenderless AMT "40 Ford Coupe (Roadster)   

    Very cool!  i am following your build, This will look amazing! What are you using for the motor? I think a Hemi or a ford 429 shotgun motor would make this leap out at you.
  15. cobramike added a post in a topic what not to do   

    It has never been a problem before and I have run many models through it, but all it takes is one!  I just look at it as a learning lesson! 
    Making something out of it will be a challenge but isn't that why we build models?