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  1. cobramike added a post in a topic Second restoration, 1968 Shelby   

    I use this allot for the face shields on our motorcycle helments and more recently on plastic windshields like yours.

  2. cobramike added a post in a topic THE PAUPER (A Dirt Poor Rat With Personality)   

    Hey Dr. I was looking on line at Amazon for your book Ratz, Rods, and rust...found nothing there.  Where to look now?
  3. cobramike added a post in a topic Parts or Parts Kits   

    If you happen to have the chassis assembly for 1966 Ford Fairlane 427 by AMT model # 6180. Bought the one I have on line and it is missing the sub assembly 'C" , the springs, inner left and right fenders, and also the firewall, spindles as well both L&R.  I hope you can help me with this problem.
    If not I might have to resort to just buying a sealed kit on the bay  

  4. cobramike added a post in a topic New Build Somewhat Restomoded 67 Shelby updated 09/20/15   

    fine work! Can't wait to see the finished project!
  5. cobramike added a post in a topic Cobra   

    That is sweet! Love the candy apple paint! Is the roof off of a 67 Mustang 2+2?;
  6. cobramike added a post in a topic 1965 Lincoln Continental Sport Roadster   

    very nice! Great work!
  7. cobramike added a post in a topic Late model Cobra Jet   

    The taillights aren't for a 2010, that was the first year that they were changed to the smooth back panel.
  8. cobramike added a post in a topic 2015 Mustang Retro Custom   

    WOW! Loving the paint allot! Nice job!
  9. cobramike added a post in a topic Monogram 1999 Ford Mustang   

    I've done this kit and let me tell you I hope you have better luck at getting the body to sit correctly on the undercarriage!
    I ruined one kit, ended up building another, Still had problems, so I had to do some serious slicing and dicing to get it to sit correctly! Thing still looks like it is a 4x4!
  10. cobramike added a post in a topic 99 Cobra Mustang   

    I built one of these a couple of years, I had fits getting the interior to fit right with the body! Finally ended up slicing and dicing to MAKE it fit!
    Yepper, too bad that no one has ever done the 03-04 cobra's! I even wrote to Revell and asked them to manufacture a kit. Got back an answer that they couldn't get the rights for it from the blue oval people!
    At least I got an answer even if it isn't what I wanted to hear!
  11. cobramike added a post in a topic 99 Cobra Mustang   

    You can always go with Tamiya TS-13.It's back on the market.Just be aware that you have to apply it within 30 minutes of applying a color coat or wait AT LEAST 30 days if you don't catch the 30 minute window.If you fail to follow the guidelines the color coat will crack under the clear due to different solvent evaporation rates of the color and the clear coat.
    The next suggestion would be to use Testor One Coat(non one coat) clear.It sprays out thicker from the can than TS-13 but there are no cracking issues and can be applied over decals without the worry of destroying them(unlike TS-13).
    I just did a 66 Fairlane with Testor's one coat clear, came out very nicely if I say so myself. Did it over Testors 1833 White Lightening. She shines nicely!
  12. cobramike added a post in a topic Help me decide what to finish 1st (67 Shelby, J car or Cobra   

    YES! what he said!
  13. cobramike added a post in a topic 57 Ford Brown Mild Kustom   

    Love the color! That is sweet looking!
    The seats are looking very nice as well!
  14. cobramike added a post in a topic What have I got myself into... Mustang Triple.   

    Nice, I like a man that knows his Stang's! You know, a Mustang guy can never have enough! I have 7 currently, looking to add to them with a 2015 GT soon!