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  1. was at Costco and there was a neat, almost new looking, very rare "Mercury Bobcat" sitting right in the front by the doors! For some reason I can't get the pics to upload! Just keeps kicking it out saying there is a problem with the file????
  2. wow!!! Beautiful job on that Pacer! I just bought one and am having envy attack right now hoping that I can get my finished Edsel looking this beautiful!
  3. Dang that is purty!!!
  4. Brother had one of these he bought new in '66, 390 C.I. with 4 bbl, dual exhaust, 4 on the floor in candy Apple Red with black interior. After changing to a high rise manifold with 2X4 carbs, doug's headers with cherrybomb mufflers and cheaters that was one darn fast GT Fairlane. Also he installed a "COOL" reverb stereo system...man that sounded so bad A--!
  5. Sarah fallen...she was as ugly as the car!
  6. Show sucked, but you sure did up that Cobra nice!
  7. That's true! My house the same way! Crazy prices. wife and I are contemplating selling our place and heading out on the road in a RV. Need to travel before we get too old. Here's a good one for you, I was going to LODO before it was LODO, I worked at the Railroad, inspected trains at Union Station back before there was amtrak! The businesses around there were not places that most people went to, electrical stores, Grain stores, seed store etc. The docks across from the station always had boxcars parked there. 60-70-early 80's. Then worked after that in all locations around colorado fixing railcars. Union station used to be like a ghost town in it, but now...OMG the changes! My nephew has a loft on 15th and Wazee, bought it 12 years ago for 400K him and his wife are divorcing, the place was looked at and it was given a value of 2.7 MILLION!!!!! I liked to--- you know what- my pants!
  8. smart move! I can't believe that there are so many people living in Castle Rock, Monument, and the Springs that commute every day to Denver area compared to when you were living here. you probably wouldn't even recognize LODO now! Union Station has changed the whole thing! Amazing what has happened. Wife and I take the train from Westminster station at least once a week to go to that area for breakfast, lunch, dinner, baseball (UGH) and of course people watching!!! Not necessarily in that order.
  9. man those 2- 90MM hair dryers would be bad a__ in the real life! Nice work so far!
  10. colpar is now in Aurora, Havana and Jewel. from me it's crazy to get there.
  11. you would drive all the way from the springs to go to colpar? OMG! and I complain about traffic now! The traffic between C.S. and Denver is a freaking nightmare! Last summer I was coming back from camping, traffic hit at 645pm on Sunday, took the better part of two hours to get to my side of Denver.
  12. just show them the phone coupon, deduction! Then I pass the phone to my wife for the next item...BAM 40 more off. The ladies in line are looking at me like I am some sort of guru! They must mark-up their products upward of 60-80% to be able to sell at 40% off!l
  13. Too bad that we are so freaking far from Colpar, like you said...sitting in traffic just to pay high prices sucks. But they are a great store. Have you been to the new "Caboose hobby store" in Lakewood? Lordy be, that place makes me...well you get the picture, or maybe better if you didn't! Were is the new HL located Mike? Never been to hobby hut, don't get over to Junction much till the peaches come in.
  14. That new HL that opened up by Cabela's is pretty nice. Your right about Hobby Town, the one closest to me is 6 miles away in heavy traffic etc. Not a great store for model car enthusiast to say the least. Like you stated they are into RC big time! Their supply for things we need, like paint,tools etc...terrible at best! I also have abused the discount at HL. I found that they will even use it off your phone...easy peasy!
  15. Turned 70 in December, started modeling when I was about 10 I think. Lots of glue bombs. Stopped at 19 when I went to Vietnam. Started again in 2007. Love the hobby but the expense is crazy for a person on a fixed income, since I have to balance the cost against my other hobbies.
  16. 1. would have to be a 1969 BOSS 429 Grabber blue 2. 2018 Mustang GT 350 R, Ruby RED with white strips 3. 1970 complete rebuild to factory specs from the ground up Datsun 240Z 4. 2003/4 Mustang Cobra w/mystic chrome paint 5. 2018 Jaguar f type 5.0 litre supercharged in RED These are interchangeable!
  17. Gotta love the Cobra, obviously I do. Good job on this kit.
  18. Same thing happened with me last Friday, guy was in a Nash Metro, yellow and white in great condition, I asked at a light if he would be ok with me taking a pic and he said he would rather I wouldn't. Too bad, nice car!
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