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  1. Trucks nice, can't say anything nice about the brownies so will stop here
  2. My dad had one just like this beauty. Man that car rode like a dream sweetheart! Good looking job.love the color and sooo clean.
  3. Thanks for the tip, the mirrors...spaced out doing that, again...as you can see by the pics of this one I left the mirrors off. Not what I wanted to do but the kit I bought had been opened and some parts were missing including the mirrors. Yours is nice looking, good job on it.
  4. Thanks for the compliment. lol, just started a new one. this one is going to be grabber Blue, more detailed this time around.
  5. Good pic of the way it should be. Thanks
  6. Lol, I have two more to build, will get started on another today.
  7. Thanks, that's why it is a hobby
  8. Your right, the 70's had the black scoops. I had it attached prior to shooting the color and forgot to mask it so I just left it the way it was. The tail lights...were a total pai. There was no bezels, lenses, no backing etc with the kit, got a bezel/bumper from online request then I filled the bezels in with some Bob Smith glue didn't realize till after the glue had set up that the lenses are inset, not flush. The spoiler is a weird one, it looks like it was made for a Trans Am or Datsun, the fin is not right on the edges. Notice hot the back of the fin is angled similar to the front leading edge in your 1:1 pic, were the kit's is straight. I probably should have cut the angle but...well there is always next time.
  9. went back to the model...your exactly right and pics don't lie, it was in fact OFF! fixed!
  10. I see it is like that in the pic but for some reason it looks straight in person. When I was looking at the pic before I posted it I was LIKE WTF is wrong here. Going back looking at it again and measuring it to see if there is something I am not seeing. Thanks for catching it.
  11. cobramike

    1970 Boss 9

    finally finished this yesterday. Hope it is up to standards here. Paint is from the good guys at TCP. Name is Calypso Coral. It was one of the very few colors that was available on the 70' Boss 429. Any comments good or bad are always welcome.
  12. Good job, now if only my tomatoes can turn out so sweet looking come summer
  13. sweet looking car! Nice job on the paint.
  14. I have heard many not so nice comments on this board and other's about the problems with getting your paint orders from James @ ScaleFinishes.com. I placed an order for 4 bottles back in mid February or later? and I shortly after that got an email from James saying that there had been delays in getting his products out to the customers and gave me a very reasonable reason why that was the case. He at the time told me that he was shipping my order that day after mixing the paint, this was 3/ 5/18. Well fellow model buffs, the paint order came yesterday 3/12/18 in the mail and it was exactly what I ordered. I think it's high time that we show James some love and give him his due, he's a very hard working man of his word, produces an excellent product and service for us and I feel that in today's world where everyone is p&@#!d at everyone else and blame them for whatever goes wrong in their lives that maybe it's high time that we say thank you to James. KUDOS to James and thank you.
  15. Very nice! That truck looks like you took it right out of my case. I made on like it awhile back used Krylon for the paint to match closely like what was on my dad's 1:1 back in the day. used real wood for my bed bed. it's on here in my posts in the pickup section. Great job on both cars!
  16. you know, I didn't think they did that either but I needed those parts in the worse way so I gave them a shot! Good to know these companies are standing behind their products.
  17. Hey crazyjim, Here's a link to their web page: http://round2corp.com/ Then on the top right side of that page click the tab "support"---then click on "request parts". There will be a form for you to fill out, just list what your missing, or is broken. If you don't have a receipt give them the info about where and when you bought the model. It's free service, takes a few weeks, but it is a valuable resource and they are great to have that available. In other words, it wouldn't hurt your case to apply a bit of gentle suction, and a thank you for their great models always seems to be a nice thing to say! Good luck, regards Mike
  18. whoopsie...meant AMT sent me the parts not Revell! My bad.
  19. Beautiful! Those louvers...NICE! How did you do them, please pm me with instructions.
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