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  1. No chad, it's the '53. Trophy series.
  2. great looking Merc! Getting ready to do this same project now that I finished my '53F100 that's posted in the pickup's section.
  3. this pickup has taken a long time to finish. I had to wait for 2 months to get parts that were missing in the box from Revell. Was supposed to take 2 weeks. hope you all like my work. Enjoy. all comments are welcomed as usual
  4. Nice, I will be waiting to see them soon. That Crown Vic, wow what a platform and long life those cars had! Great car!
  5. Thanks, your 96 cobra must still be out there. Too bad you no longer have it.
  6. Thanks webestang, I like your corral! That 85 2.3l funny how that motor brought Ford back around to the current turbo stangs. Post pics of your rides.
  7. Here's that certificate Tim. Thanks for checking out my baby.
  8. Thanks, you would be surprised at how many people think that it is something nasty.
  9. My ride is this BAB 1998 Mustang Cobra that I bought new in '98. She's turned into a show car mostly. I have won numerous trophies and plaques over the years from different car shows but mostly Mustang shows. It has only 62K on the odometer, interior and exterior are like new. It still smells like a new car, the leather looks like it's never been sat in! Original motor with power adders, producing at the rear wheels, 372HP. It is setup for autocross with subframe connectors, caster camber plates, coilover adjustable shocks and lowering springs, X pipe, Long tube headers, Neoprene bushings throughout the suspension and drivetrain, aluminium drive shaft, clutch quadrant adjuster, McLeod flywheel, McLeod dual clutch...and many other go fast parts. Garaged 24-7, never in the snow and only a few drops of rain have ever hit it.
  10. This is going to be some sweet ride when it's done! Be sure to post more as you get further along with the project. Love the suicide doors and that hood is awesome! That 460 should make her run like a scared rabbit! Good work
  11. WOW!!! She's a beauty! Your sooo right, 435 HP just isn't enough! Color me jealous.
  12. The Craiger wheels are perfect. Flat black? Surely you have some red to throw on this? Perhaps a red over flat black? Etched the plastic...What is the paint that did that? Name of it so that we all DON'T use it to.
  13. Is that a 427 f motor on the pallet? Great looking car! Very well done. Merry Christmas to you all
  14. Very nice rendering of Foose's truck...that bed is really nicely done. Looking for that tutorial for painting it to make it look like wood.
  15. Fantastic beauty. Looks like it's real...lots of Ford dealers would love to have this in their showrooms in 2013
  16. Read an article in "Road and Track" that the '18 model has different color scheme and is painted metallic.
  17. My wife's 2004 Mustang GT convertible in Redfire. my 1998Mustang Cobra BAB
  18. shhh, don't whisper that too loud around here.....lol
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